Who is SBP?

A mix of tech enthusiasts, software experts, product visionaries, and design magicians, bound together by a shared passion for developing innovative software products. Why is SBP? Back in 2004, we’ve set out with the mission to help businesses build the future and further grow into outstanding companies, using cutting- edge technologies and best practices in software development Internally, we strive to help our colleagues build their future and further grow into outstanding individuals. We started out as a small team, with almost no business experience, yet very fond of software engineering. Today we are a community where you can achieve greatness, no matter your playing field. Where is SBP?

On the road to singularity sbp-romania.com

We make a point of helping you gain experience points in a variety of technologies. We tend to use any technology that works best for a given project (with a bias towards tried-and-true versus shiny fads) and we constantly find ourselves going back to our core technologies.

React, Angular, Node.js
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
ASP.NET, Python, Ruby on Rails
Kotlin, Android Studio
Swift, Xamarin, Cordova
React Native, Ionic

.NET Core, C#
Qt, Java

Zigbee, Bluetooth, Arduino
Raspberry Pi, SiLabs, ARM

Azure ML, Kubernetes
Docker, Google Coud

Life is too short to work somewhere that you don’t enjoy.

At SBP, you choose your own adventure. We’re here to support your progression, ensuring you are engaged, fulfilled, and moving forward within your career.

Benefits:                                                            Learning & Development:
• Private Healthcare                                            • Onboarding                                             
• Gym Membership Discount                              • Training Programs
• Bookster Membership                                      • Self-learning Resources
• Fresh Fruits & Snacks In The Office                • Development Discussions

Work Environment:                                           Compensation:
• Flexible Working Hours                                    • Base Pay
• Part-Time Working Options                              • Performance Bonus
• Work From Home / Office                                 • Gratifications
• Nap Rooms & Relaxation Room                       • Periodical Raises

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