London Stock Exchange Group Romania

London Stock Exchange Group’s Technology and Operations Hub in Bucharest plays a key role in providing services to the wider Group and its clients across the world. The center employs professionals to cover a wide range of technology, web services and corporate function roles meant for research and development.

London Stock Exchange Group is a hub of a dynamic and ever-changing international financial ecosystem, where no two days are ever alike and the place to learn new skills and shape your future.

We value diversity in the workplace, and that’s why we recruit, employ, promote and reward staff on the basis of qualifications, experience, abilities, and competencies required for the role. We seek to attract, retain and motivate people from many backgrounds and perspectives.

Now, we are proud to say that we are a team of 200+ colleagues in Bucharest and we’re working on next-generation technologies such as AI and Automation.

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

LSEG sits at the heart of the world’s financial community, And delivers critical services to ensure the smooth functioning of financial markets.

Did you know that LSEG was founded in 1571? Thus, becoming one of the largest and most mature stock exchanges in the world.

Headquartered in London, with significant operations in North America, Italy, France and Sri Lanka, the Group employs approximately 4,500 people.

LSEG provides valuable services for a wide range of customers, focusing on intellectual property, risk and investment securities and capital growth.

Our Culture

From LSEG's headquarters in the City of London, our geographic footprint extends to 17 countries worldwide, with more than 50 different nationalities, from China to France; Sri Lanka to the USA and Bucharest, Romania.


At LSEG we are very proud of our commitment to improve diversity and inclusion. Globally we are focusing on gender diversity.

At LSEG we foster a culture that is friendly and collaborative with innovation and creativity at its heart and we maximise each employee’s potential through personal development plans.

Our culture of meritocracy means that we believe in sharing our success with our employees by rewarding them both financially and through career development.

We believe in paying competitive salaries and offer a range of other attractive benefits!


The core of our Technology & Operations Hub is represented by 5 communication pillars, relevant for both the local talent pool and the Bucharest organization.

1. Impact
Throughout a history of over 300 years of being invested in the capital market business, we established our global impact business wise and we are very proud of our commitment to improve inclusion & diversity actions.

2. Great culture
Our friendly, collaborative culture creates a space where your career development is a team effort.

3. Culture of opportunities
Our technology and operations hub in Bucharest offer a wide range of opportunities suited for IT Professionals and Software Engineers.

4. Innovation
London Stock Exchange Group Technology is developing one of the fastest trading systems. Our projects have a direct impact on the global activity of the Group.

5. Dynamic environment
London Stock Exchange Group is the hub of a dynamic and ever-changing international financial ecosystem, where no two days are ever alike.

The broadness of our operations is mirrored by the people who work for us

We employ highly skilled professionals across a range of technology, data services and corporate function roles. We are also determined to make a difference through our CSR actions; supporting women in technology and inspiring the next generation of IT&C professionals by investing in education through internship and Graduate Programmes for students.

Being committed to contribute towards the education eco-system in Romania, we also hold conferences about LSEG’s Infrastructure and its impact on a global and local level, as well as coaching and inspiring teams to develop innovative projects at hackathons.

On the fun side, we enjoy gathering from time to time to play football, participating in the Bucharest Marathon, or even building fences and working on the land at the Botanical Garden of Bucharest.

Andreea Stănescu, General Manager London Stock Exchange Group

We are very happy with the growth of our centre in Romania. Our local employees play important roles in key infrastructure and technology projects that are rolled out across the group. Through the envisioned growth for the next two years, we expect to strengthen our data science capabilities and to create be able to support new divisions from the group. We put a lot of focus on people development and wellbeing, with the aim of having a highly engaged team, allowing each employee to build their career journey further within LSEG group.

Our Ambassadors

As we continue to expand and diversify, we offer you the opportunity to make a significant impact by helping shape the future of LSEG’s fast-changing global business.

“At LSEG I appreciate that I have been offered the opportunity to express my ideas in a flexible environment and that I am treated like a professional in a male-dominated field.”

Lavinia Mihalascu, Network Project Engineer

“When I look back, I realize that LSEG is one of the few international companies that really has a major impact in the world - such as the influence on the pensions and wages of a huge mass of people.”

Stefan Traila, DevOps Team Lead

“For those interested in being part of London Stock Exchange Group, I can tell you that I really appreciate the diversity of the company and the fact that we are a global team.”

Camelia Tihan, Product Owner


Types of technologies that we use:

  • Software Engineers (Java, Python, SQL, C++, C#, Linux, Sybase, Drupal)

  • Infrastructure (infrastructure Architects, Application Packagers, System Admin, DevOps, Windows, DBA - Oracle/SQL)


We are looking for people who are intellectually curious, interested in the bigger picture of how the technology industry is evolving and willing to ask the difficult questions.

If you’re a forward-looking problem solver who enjoys tackling complex challenges, apply to join our team. We are recruiting for a wide range of opportunities for our team in Bucharest.

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