We Are Blue Projects

Who We Are

Blue Projects is a unique multidisciplinary and engineering company with high experience in all industry sectors. Our core services include Project Management, Construction Management, Design & Engineering, Commercial Management and Health & Safety Management.
We are a passionate team of 150 professionals that assured that Blue Projects has grown into a “one-stop shop” company that incorporates a fully integrated range of Services and Areas of Expertise, which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the clients and their projects.

Our Principles

With our headquarters in Romania, over the last decade, Blue Projects has grown into a multinational Project Management company, having offices in Belgium, UK, Poland, Russia, Canada, South Africa.

We have achieved this due to our strong organizational culture, where every person is acknowledged, respected and valued. We are a diverse team, yet we all have something in common: we are dynamic yet down to earth, young yet experienced, flexible but focused, and truly passionate about engineering, design and construction management.

Learn & Grow at home and abroad!

Due to our wide range of services we provide on an international level, we offer to our employees’ countless possibilities to develop and grow on a personal and professional level. Our team works on prestigious projects in Romania and abroad, which allows them to explore other countries, other cultures, and to develop their knowledge on multiple levels.

About the Team

We believe that our employees are our most important company asset! Our corporate culture encourages and promotes the balance between commercial success and the responsibility towards society and the environment.

Our culture at Blue Projects is committed to grow by constantly developing the employees, and by always striving to create more effective solutions for our clients.

The key to our success is the team work. We are a young team of professionals who will deliver any type of project, and we work hard in order to achieve that. But it’s not just work, no play! We have a lot of fun activities together, that allows us to get to know each other better and enjoy a good time outside of work as well. Just a few examples of what we do for fun at Blue Projects: Casual Fridays, sport activities, team buildings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, games, holidays!

Why is Blue Projects the Perfect Company to Work for?


Professional Development at Blue Projects

We have an annual Training and Development Plan for all employees. We make sure that all employees are evaluated periodically and have the possibility to express their opinion in terms of personal and professional development needs. The Training and Development Plan is based on each individual’s feedback and Performance Review held with their direct supervisor and it is personalized on the needs of each employee.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for junior and senior professionals in Engineering, Architecture, Contract Management, Marketing, who are driven, and who want a career in our field.

As per soft skills, we are looking for good communication & presentation skills, good interpersonal skills, down to earth and serious candidates with a positive, can-do attitude.

The hard skills we are looking for may vary from one position to another, however it is important for those at the beginning of their careers to have a solid knowledge of the basics that they can learn at the Universities, and we are happy to provide them the necessary assistance to grow into a seasoned professional. For senior positions the hard skills we are looking for have a wider and more complex range, also, given the multicultural environment we are working in, advanced level of English is a must.

Our expectations at the interview?

Do: Make a Good First Impression
Candidates should make sure their clothing is appropriate for the work environment, fits well, and is neatly pressed. They should research some pictures of Blue Projects team, see how our attire is, take into consideration that we have smart business dress code implemented in all of our offices. Greet their interviewer with a firm—but not bone-crunching—handshake and a warm smile. Make regular—but not piercing or staring—eye contact. Show energy and enthusiasm through their vocal tone and listen carefully to each question before jumping in with a response.

Do: Prepare
Analyze the job requirements and our Company and be prepared to share compelling reasons why they would be a good fit.

Do: Ask Questions
Good questions help the candidate to discover if Blue Projects is a good fit for them, and they show us that they've done their homework and have a sincere interest in our company.

Don't: Be Negative
Never criticize any previous employers, supervisors, or co-workers during a job interview. As well, don't fixate on their own weaknesses or treat them as hindrances. They should be prepared to acknowledge them but address them as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Don't: Be Late (or Excessively Early)
Candidates should be on time for their interview, they should leave early enough to arrive at the interview no more than five to 10 minutes before it starts, but don't be earlier than this. Arriving too far in advance of the scheduled time can leave a negative impression and possibly raise questions about their time management skills or ability to follow directions.

Don’t: Interrupt
Don't interrupt the interviewer before they have finished asking them a question and never finish their sentences for them.

Which question is the most difficult to answer in our opinion?

In our experience almost all candidates have difficulties talking about their strengths and weaknesses, although it is a common interview question which is trying to determine what qualities they have that will help them succeed in the job if they are hired, as well as what could be problematic. I suggest for the future candidates to take some time and do self-reflect and analyze these individualities of their personality. Answering honestly to these questions gives the interviewer the impression that the candidates know themselves and are aware of their own qualities and shortcomings, which leaves the impression that the candidate knows what he/she is looking for.

We are looking forward to participating to Angajatori de TOP, and to have a chance to present Blue Projects with all the possibilities we can offer to the candidates.


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