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The IKEA Way

IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. This is the idea at the heart of everything IKEA does, from product development and purchases to how we sell our products in IKEA stores globally.

A better everyday life...

The IKEA business idea is to offer a wide range of home furnishings with good design and function at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

Most of the time, beautifully designed home furnishings are usually created for the few who can afford them. From the beginning, IKEA has taken a different path. We have decided to side with the many. That means responding to the home furnishing needs of people around the world: people with many different needs, tastes, dreams, aspirations and wallet sizes; people who want to improve their homes and their everyday lives.

The IKEA culture is our social system

It influences our way of being and doing things and reflects who we are and want to be. It’s built on shared values and other cultural elements (such as stories, symbols and rituals). We often refer to it as “the way we do things around here” or “the IKEA way”.

We always live our values

We are a diverse group of people working together, sharing the humanistic IKEA values. The values are the foundation of our work. By living them, we form the unique IKEA culture where team spirit and togetherness are key. In a constantly growing IKEA, every individual is taken care of, respected, acknowledged and included. People are themselves, and respecting the uniqueness of every individual makes IKEA better.

With IKEA values guiding how we do things, we nurture a unique IKEA culture that shapes who we are. Our culture inspires, challenges and empowers us. It brings out the best in each of us as we work together, lead by example, find better ways forward and get things done. This helps us make a better IKEA, for and with the many people.

Culture & Values

At IKEA we believe that all of us, with our diverse backgrounds and ideas, should have a comfortable place to be our best. We've seen that people tend to grow together with us for many years and we think that our enthusiasm is one of the reasons why. With our company values as foundation, we work to ensure that every voice is embraced.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a humanistic company, we believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly and be given equal opportunities. That's why we work actively to create an inclusive environment where every co-worker can contribute to the business, by being themselves.

LGBT + Inclusion

As a values driven company we are committed to respecting human rights throughout our operations, both internally and externally.
We believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is about creating an inclusive culture where both women and men are valued for their unique contributions.

Our Human Resource Idea

"To give down-to-earth, straightforward people the possibility to grow, both as individuals and in their professional roles, so that, together we are strongly committed to creating a better everyday life for ourselves and our customers."

Processes develop as our business ambitions develop.
Development & Possibilities

Growing at IKEA can be very exciting and fun. At the same time it can be challenging and time consuming too. We have gathered our most used and appreciated tools for growing and developing.

Development Talk

IKEA Journeys
This is an opportunity to grow and develop!
This is when our co-workers and our managers define together what competences are needed the coming year to achieve the personal goals
In IKEA Journeys colleagues all over the world share their
personal journey. This is a tool where we can find ideas and advice about the many ways to grow. There are options that can be  surprising!
Leadership Home
MY Learning
Our co-workers always lead themselves - and perhaps they are or want to be leading others as well.
In Leadership Home there are learning activities and trainings to develop the leadership capabilities no matter what position.
In the digital tool My learning it can found and signed up for trainings.
Here there are other learning materials including online courses to help us develop our skills within our current (or future!) work area.

Compensation & Benefits

At IKEA we believe that some of the best discussions are the informal ones over a cup of coffee or tea – FIKA (the Swedish name for a coffee and a friendly talk). We just find individuals more interesting than hierarchy and bureaucracy.

We like working together as equal partners, each of us with different backgrounds. Our unique and innovative loyalty programme and performance programme help us ensure equitable rewards for everyone who contributes to our success.

Tack!  One IKEA Bonus     
Tack! is the Swedish way to say "thank you", and with this programme we want to show appreciation and gratitude for
your loyalty and contribution to the success of IKEA. 

At IKEA we believe that each of us contributes to reaching
(and exceeding!) our goals. Everything we achieve, we achieve together. 
That's the idea behind our unique, performance-driven bonus programme. It recognises all of us in our unit, here and now,
for improving our business together


Our Development & Possibilities

At IKEA we encourage a culture where people can be themselves. We respect each other and our differences. We dare to be different and try new things. We take responsibility not only for our own work, but for one another too. If you work with us, we are committed to working with you, to give you responsibility and every opportunity to develop and carve out a career in IKEA.

Performance & Development

Every person is seen as a talent and as a contributor to the growth at IKEA. We trust you and invest in your development. We see you as a person who can both perform and deliver and learn and develop. We believe in your ambition to do your best, your curiosity, and your willingness to meet new situations and to learn.

The Performance & Development Process supports the individual performance and development of all co-workers at IKEA. The process consists of three yearly steps:

  • Goal Setting
  • Development Talk
  • Performance Evaluation

In IKEA organisations we will:

  • Act as one IKEA and secure everyone is evaluated in the same way.
  • Utilize our limited resources in the best possible way targeted to the needs of the business.
  • Get a common and better understanding of our competence today, so we can prepare for our future competence needs and secure succession planning.
  • Open up for competence flow across organisations and borders.

A journey abroad: explore and grow!

Working abroad is a fantastic way to grow and explore – both for you and for IKEA.

The IKEA Group Mobility Approach enables the movement of our co-workers within countries and across borders. For many years, we have seen the positive effects of moving our talents across the world; the spread of our unique culture and values, amplifying diversity, stronger competence flows, more development opportunities, and improved international succession planning.
When our people grow, IKEA grows too!

Supports our Talents

IKEA Group Mobility Approach - means there are more mobility assignment types where the three of them will be "home-based", which means that co-workers will retain their ties to the home country with the intention to return after the assignment ends.

Main benefits of the mobility approach

  • Offer the best co-worker experience possible.
  • Support the Talent Approach to attract and retain co-workers as well as to better support competence flow and strengthen succession planning on the long term.
  • Work with clear framework and processes to manage moves that are compliant with immigration regulations, country specific employment taxes, and social securities as well as to be aligned with our pension rules.
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