4 Tips to boost your chances in an interview at Oracle

The job description grabs your eye – it’s a great learning opportunity, you’ve got the experience for it, and the role itself makes you dream about your career path at Oracle.

But there’s a catch: The process of getting hired - from brushing up your resume to rehearsing your speech for the face-to-face interview - can be both challenging and stressful. So what does it take to get hired at Oracle?

Let’s dive into a few key assets that will help you make a standout impression to recruiters.


In “Superbosses”, author Sydney Finkelstein mentions how exceptionally talented employees are hired and brings in a few core examples to back up the case. One of his points comes from Oracle’s Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison himself, who shared his insight on coaching recruiters what to ask new college graduates.

The question that was asked that left many candidates thinking was: “Are you the smartest person you know?” If the candidates answered “yes”, they would most probably get hired. But if they answered “no”, the recruiter replied “Who is?” – then they would try hiring the other person instead.

While this is purely an example and not a standard question at Oracle, the key learning point does stand out – and that is confidence. Any recruiter is looking for someone on whom the company can count on, and your goal is to prove you are one of those people.


Max McKeown made a good point: All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation. This can also apply when talking about your strongest assets during an interview. Oracle operates in a high-energy and entrepreneurial environment that’s very similar to the “startup” vibe. As the Digital Transformation keeps shaping the market, change is inevitable in Oracle’s day-to-day business. So if one of your strong points is adaptability to change, make sure you showcase that in your interview. Giving examples of situations where you’ve demonstrated proactivity is an effective way to prove that.


Driven by passion and inspired by innovation is not just a communication tagline, it’s actually one of the reasons Oracle is on its journey to becoming the number one Cloud company. The commitment to innovation is far from a simple rumor, but a fact proven by numbers: “Oracle is committed to innovation, leadership, and excellence, and has invested more than US$34 billion in research and development since 2004”, according to Oracle’s Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz.
In an interview, your goal is to show you can dream with purpose and that you’re ready raise the bar for innovation at any time; that you’re inquisitive and not afraid to give the answers you truly believe in.

Human side

A job interview is not all about proving you’ve got the skills to be an outstanding professional. It’s also about proving you’re a good person to work with and that people can actually talk to you when they need to. Life at Oracle is not just about being able to land the job, it’s about proving you can work as a team player in a truly global company:
We look for the kind of people with whom we want to work on a daily basis: people with track records of exceptional achievement in school and business, people with strong self-motivation and an uncommon drive to excel, and, every bit as important, people who are well-rounded and fun to be around”, says Larry Ellison, Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO.
If you take a look at the bigger picture, there are plenty of valuable assets you can showcase to increase your chances of getting hired. But the real challenge is to live up to them beyond your interview experience. As these tips serve as an inspiration for your journey to getting hired, it’s up to you to bring them to life. If you are able to make them part of your work ethic and objectives, it will be tough for any recruiter to overlook your potential.

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