About us

At 123FormBuilder, we dream of a world where everything is as easy as 1-2-3.

Without having to write a single line of code, our customers create dashing digital forms for collecting payments, receiving registrations, engaging people with amazing polls and quizzes, lead generation, medical or educational purposes.

Our mission is to provide an online friendly tool that empowers people across the globe to easily manage their data collection processes. Small Business Units and Enterprise companies have various data collection needs. With 123FormBuilder they can address them all, regardless of their complexity.


Ten years of fun with forms

When we started this company back in 2008, our objective was to provide a simple way to create online forms.

Ten years later, we’re so much more than a contact form builder, and we feel like we have outgrown our previous name 123ContactForm, because our users can actually create all types of web forms, surveys, and workflows with our platform.

So how’s our product?

Our form builder has a friendly, intuitive full-screen interface that lets you build complex layouts without any coding. You can drag and drop every element and even adjust alignment, labels, and inputs in a visual editor that shows exactly what your final product will look like.

What’s next for 123FormBuilder?

Looking to the future, we plan to deliver the same level of care and dedication to our customers that we always have. Understanding our customers is the first step toward helping them achieve their business needs.

We’re aiming to move closer towards enterprise customers because our product is slowly evolving to be a workflow management platform, rather than just a form builder.

What does ‘Raising the bar for a paperless future’ stand for?

It stands for a glimpse of the future, heading forward, as we are ditching paper, one form at a time!

Isn’t it strange that during this “digital revolution” we still use up great amounts of paper? Well, not inside 123FormBuilder! We’re all about environmentally friendly web forms.

Need a holiday request? Why use a paper form when you can use the web form alternative instead? Want to find out about your corporate climate? An online survey could come in handy. One that allows you multiple customizations and real-time answers. Not to mention the ability to analyze and export them, generating insightful reports. Seems like green habits also make our life easier, right?

As we envision this paperless future, it also leads us towards an autonomous perspective, faithfully represented by our employees, as our organizational culture naturally supports an autonomous learning and development. We also truly believe that every player has the power to change the game!


Explore your next chapter with us!

We are a friendly international team constantly looking for talented and ambitious colleagues to continue the 123FormBuilder story. We pride ourselves in attracting and retaining great people who love it here and help us grow even more.

Our company culture is based on respect and collaboration. We provide a fun and inspirational working environment, thanks to an extraordinary team, driven by innovation and talent. Also, 123FormBuilder warm working environment is paired with a generous dose of fun activities.

Team player on the loose? Join us, we’re seriously fun!

The process of growing from two founders 10 years ago to almost 100 people today has made us appreciate every moment of the company’s growth. We’re very proud of our team members and how they’ve evolved year after year, always keeping our customers in mind.


There are a few exciting projects at 123FormBuilder and the one that we are working on right now is improving the payment integration on our platform.

With a new design, user friendly, many payment processors to be used, and a series of ways to customize how the payment summary should look like on the form, this new project is a challenging one for us, but useful and exciting for the customers who are going to use it.

Our solution already supports industries like Healthcare, Financial Services or Manufacturing successfully, and we are currently working on revamping our business value proposition for Enterprise clients.

Another project that is on our roadmap is to allow users to connect the forms with their own external databases and APIs, which means more in-depth integration between our solution and the systems they are already using internally.

For 2020 we are having mobile devices as a strategic direction, currently our clients have use cases that happen on-site (e.g. technicians filling out inspection sheets while on field) and we are looking to provide a better experience in this direction.

Our clients


Our Storytellers

"At 123 we are offering a variety of features and tools from white label solutions to advanced third-party integrations."

Valentin Farcas

"The aspect that I like the most at 123FormBuilder is that anyone has a word to say, and everyone is listened."

Oana-Nicoleta Stan

"We are ditching paper, one form at a time. In the era where I have the entire world wisdom one search away, it makes perfect sense to reduce the amount of paper used."

Cristian Motea


With us, you have the opportunity of building a 100% local (Romanian) software product with a global reach.

Our workplace is suitable for both experienced developers and young people eager to learn in a nice environment. Even after many years with 123FormBuilder, our people are still happy to come to work each morning.

You are invited to come and stop by at least for a great coffee at the office, for great venues or for a friendly chat, to find you how bright ideas are rewarded or to spot the most creative team you could work in!


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