The UbISOFT Game Jam

To celebrate the 4th edition of the Ubisoft Game Jam, our game developers are challenging you to the coolest 24 hours of prototyping and fun as never seen before!

Are you skilled enough to Game Jam, groovy enough to stand out?
This edition isn't only about making a game – it's about making a game while partying developer-style!
Join the legendary Game Jam on the 25th – 26th of November at the Ubisoft Headquarters and bring your energy for this cool adventure.
This edition is all about sharing your passion, while talking with all kinds of skilled people in the industry. Hang out with some of the best game developers in Romania who use their imagination to create fun gaming experiences. And to make it flexible, you are encouraged to use any engine or programming languages!
Prepare yourself for 24 hours of the best jamming session there is out there – The Ubisoft Game Jam!


If you're over 18 or under 81, you are skilled in game developing and you love everything related to this industry, the Ubisoft Game Jam is the best way to join your friends and put together a team that will break any record of jammin' we've ever seen before.
You'll spend 24 hours to create a game from scratch, based on a surprise-theme that we'll announce on the day of the Jam.

We are welcoming everybody - coffee addicts, sleepyheads, party animals, out-of-the-box thinkers, lone wolves, control freaks, you name it.
Whether you are a game designer, a programmer, sound designer or graphic artist, the Game Jam is an invitation to jump in and make the best video game ever made in 24 hours, meet the developers and share your experiences.

Also, we provide the space, the atmosphere, and everything needed to fuel your intense game making session.
So bring your computers, your good mood and your skills and let's show the industry that the best things are made in the most fun environments!
*for those who are outside Bucharest, the travel cost and the accommodation will not be covered;

Start Jammin`!

Thank you for the huge number of registrations! You were all great and it was really hard to choose the finalists that will be present at the Game Jam 2017.
Please find below, the teams that will go further in the contest. Congratulations!

1. Codrea (nu)
2. Team Halfround
3. Creative Castle
4. Patru virgula cinci
5. C’mon team
6. ClusterPunk
7. Name32
8. TanK’d
9. Snail Away
10. BOB
11. The Power Pellets
12. Gamecrawlers
13. 4 giga leak
14. Pivot Games
15. Game Over
16. Polipixel
17. New formed team: Neagu Costel, Ionescu Adrian, Pascu Mihail-Eugen, Hurmuzi Cristian and Hututui Stelian

See you on 25th of November at Ubisoft Game Jam 2017!

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