To celebrate our 3rd edition of the Ubisoft Game Jam our game developers will join you for 24 hours of prototyping & fun as never seen before!

Are you Skilled enough to Game Jam, Crazy enough to Win?
Join our legendary Game Jam on the 14th - 15th November at the 34th floor of Sky Tower and hop on your next great adventure.

Share your passion, meet and discuss with peers in the industry. Let your creativity guide your steps, learn and get to know the awesome game developers in Romania. Join your fellow game-developers to create fun gaming experiences.

Bonus: Witness our developers in action. Take a peek at how Ubisoft developers create games, as you will be working on the same theme, at the same time.

Prepare yourself for 24 hours of adrenaline filled, jam packed game making!

What we put in the (jam) jar?

If you love making games and you are good at it, the Ubisoft Game Jam is the perfect opportunity to join your friends and form a team. You will spend 24 awesome filled hours to create a new game, from scratch, based on a theme.

Only this year, you`re not alone: Ubisoft developers will be joining you as peers in the quest to developing the best game. And to spice things up even more, you will receive 5 themes before the event to have more time to brainstorm crazy ideas. On the morning of the event a random theme will be selected from the 5.

We welcome creative, open-minded people, out-of-the-box thinkers, passion and awesome skills. Whether you are a game designer, programmer, sound designer or graphic artist, the Ubisoft Game Jam is an exciting opportunity to jump in and make games, meet developers, share experiences and have fun.

We offer you the chance to show your skills and a chance to win our grand prize: 2000 euros. The last one is provided, only if your team is the best one. So, show us your super powers!

Also we provide the space, the fun and everything needed to fuel 24 hours of intense game making, so bring in your game creating machines and above all your enthusiasm.
*for those who are outside Bucharest, the travel cost and the accommodation will be covered;

Start Jammin`!

Firstly you'll have to form a team of maximum 5 members or if you don't have a team you can sign up by filling a form until 8 November. If we will have multiple people without teams we will create teams based on the skills each of you possess. Please pay attention to the form because this is the criteria in the selection process!

Important stuff