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Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Our mission is to deliver value to our customers through product development, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain management. We seek to minimize risk for our customers and help them reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve time-to-market. Tenaris employees around the world are committed to continuous improvement by sharing knowledge across a single global organization.
Tenaris consists of a network of manufacturing facilities, service yards and commercial offices that spans the globe. We provide casing and tubing, line pipe and various other mechanical and structural steel pipes for different applications.
At Tenaris, knowledge is considered one of our most important assets. Training is a key element in Tenaris’s effort to attract, retain and develop our people, serve our customers, suppliers and the community. TenarisUniversity is committed to providing training that contributes to the Company’s performance.

Educational programs for students:

- Scholarhips - http://www.tenaris.com/en/Careers/StudentsandGraduates/Scholarships.aspx
- Internship - http://www.tenaris.com/en/Careers/StudentsandGraduates/Internships.aspx



The GTP s a strategic development tool that aims to build up a reserve of promising professionals with a strong industrial background.

Eligibility criteria:

Graduate of:
- Material Science;
- Mechanics;
- Machine building;
- Economical Engineering;
- Electronics;
- Energetics;
- Oil & Gas;

Selection criteria:
- good academic results;
- pasion for industrial environement;
- maximum 2 years relevant experience;
- good results in assessement center;
- english - advanced;

+40 260 603371


Tenaris is a sponsor of the Roberto Rocca Education Program, which provides Scholarships and Fellowships to outstanding students of engineering and the applied sciences in selected countries where Tenaris and the program’s co-sponsors operate. Roberto Rocca Scholarships are granted to undergraduate students for study at domestic universities and Fellowships are granted to help fund studies towards the Ph.D. degree at any university outside the student’s home country.

Each year The Program grants more than 650 Scholarships worldwide to students at more than 80 universities.



The Tenaris Internship Program is a great learning experience for students completing their professional studies. This program is designed to give students real work experience by offering challenging assignments in different areas, in a people-oriented culture that values individual initiative.

Eligilibility criteria:

- 3rd year for bachelor or 1st year for  master degree;
- engineering studies
- excellent academic results;
- passion for engineering;
- english - advanced.

Selection criteria:

- excellence academic results;
- passion for engineering;
- good results in assessement center;
- english - advanced.


+40 260 603371

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