Qualitest is the world’s largest pureplay QA company. Our quality engineers align with our customers to understand their business needs and figure out the problems inside a system or website. Every day with Qualitest is an opportunity to innovate, grow and change.


“Working at Qualitest gave me the opportunity to advance from game testing to 360-degree software testing and prove that I am capable of learning and adapting very quickly.

I have developed new skills in a short period of time, and I am thankful to have been given the chance to work in such a challenging environment.”


Thorough music enthusiast, Nicolae Neacsu became a #Qualitester in September 2018.

“Since then, it's been a joyride to be a part of such a people-oriented company! #LifeAtQualitest in one sentence is – ‘Great team, big challenges, lots of opportunities, never get bored.’”


Passionate about longboarding, Horia-Alexandru Cus cruised his way into #Qualitest Romania since its start.

About his #LifeAtQualitest he says: “It's been amazing to see how much you can grow alongside Qualitest in no time. Each day you can come to work with the joy of knowing that you'll be surrounded by such a positive vibe which you can turn into empirical results.”

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