Mambu was launched in 2011 with the vision to enable access to modern financial services for all. By providing a modern cloud banking platform, Mambu is changing the market through its composable banking approach.

The centrepiece of Mambu’s product portfolio is a powerful cloud-native platform that is provided as a cutting edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to customers worldwide. Our platform is developed in a modern AWS environment and is designed, developed, validated and maintained by globally distributed teams according to agile practices, and currently comprises almost 7 millions of lines of Java code. Our customers range from top tier banks like ABN AMRO and Santander, to leading venture-backed fintechs like N26 and OakNorth to telcos like Globe Telecom.

We are proud to have brought together incredibly bright minds to help make financial services ready for the future. We are a team of 400 talented Mambuvians spanning 6 continents,  servicing over 170 customers in 60 countries  and building the core part of something major in the evolution of banking, something that is touching the lives of everyone we know. Iasi is our key development hub and also our biggest office. It is home to the majority of our engineering team who are the beating heart of our innovation and integral to our continued success.

We are looking for passionate, skilled and enthusiastic persons to join our team, to build the latest systems and features to be used by organizations around the world.


Working for Mambu is synonymous with building the core of something major.
Nothing's more exciting than working on a project that is poised to have an impact: the cloud platform for composable banking.


Mambuvians enjoy the state of equilibrium between their personal, professional and family life.
Happiness comes from so much more than a 9 to 6 job and we know it. Fostering a culture of a great work-life balance is something we're very proud of. Other perks range from a 4-day-working-week in summer to extraordinary team getaways.


We are a no-nonsense company that loves a good challenge and builds on collaboration and trust.
Collaboration and trust are integral to our success as they represent the core of a true ownership culture we've created at Mambu. We help and empower each other to make decisions that can have a lasting impact on our business, and influence thousands of customers and millions of their end-users worldwide.


Building your personal and professional future the way you want it is a priority for us.
If you have a dream, we will support and encourage you in achieving it. In the Mambu family, mutual support and commitment are part of the way we do things.


Want to join our Mambuvians team? Check out what you`re up to:

  • Talent acquisition chat

The first assessment of your hard and soft skills,motivation and expectation about the role, company and salary

  • Skills assessment

If your application is selected, our experts will evaluate the status quo of your skills that are specific and crucial for the role you have applied for.

  • Hiring manager interview

On the next round , where things are “getting real”. You will be invited for an interview with the hiring manager to discuss your background, ambitions, expectations and skills.

  • Peer(s) interview

Mambuvians work in close-knit teams, which is why the cultural fit is critical. All the candidates meet with their peer(s) to get to know each other and make sure the match is good.

  • Final interview

Almost there! As the final step you may be asked to join us for a final interview, or to complete an assignment that mimics a challenging situation you may expect at Mambu.

You can be part of it anytime! Join us!

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