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PHI Partners is a Capital Markets dedicated technology & consulting service provider, working with some of the biggest and best known banking brands in the world.

What do we do? We provide our clients with Technology Excellence. That means high quality technology, customized to our clients’ unique needs and delivered quickly and flexibly by our experts. We work front-to-back across a client’s technology stack. We solve difficult problems and very often we achieve what others have said is unachievable.


Our three Practice Areas are Vendor Technologies, with deep knowledge of Summit, Murex and other important platforms, DevOps, with a focus on the software development lifecycle, and Risk and Pricing where we help clients respond to the strategic and operational demands of regulation.


PHI was founded in 2004 and has since grown to be a 200 people strong organization, we serve our clients globally, from our offices & delivery locations in the UK, France, Germany and Romania.

Our Bucharest Office Established in 2009, the Bucharest Delivery Center runs 80% of our business. Here you can find an energetic and dynamic delivery team ready to support and offer high level consultancy services.

The permanent presence of the Romanian Head of Delivery and Head of Development ensures the highest delivery quality while providing individual attention to each local resource. The Phi Partners Operations functions – including Human Resources – are also based in Bucharest. Our address is: 11, Dinu Vintila, Euro Tower, 13th Floor, 2nd District, 021101 Bucharest, Romania.




Highly motivated people with technology skills they want to develop in a dynamic environment. People who always want to do and deliver more. People who see solutions, where others only see problems. Or, as we say at Phi Partners, “clever people, solving difficult problems innovatively with delivery excellence”.

Quant IT Developer is a capable C++ Developer with very good communication skills, has good

team spirit, analytical skills and client facing attitude. You should be willing to travel to our client sites in Paris, Frankfurt or London for periods that vary from 1 week to 3 months.


• Good C/C++ Skills

• Good mathematical knowledge

• C# or .NET

• SQL and Database ( Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL)

• Scripting (Windows cmd, Perl, Ruby,Python)

• XML, Excel, VBA

• Very good English level

Quality Assurance Engineering is a big part of our teams. Our clients work with sensitive information that affects millions of people so everything must be perfect.


• Software QA experience;

• Financial/banking software testing experience (investment banking) is a nice to have

• Experience with Agile/Scrum or Waterfall

• Exp. in functional, regression or UAT testing;

• Knowledge of test automation;

• SQL, Excel and a scripting language (one of Groovy,Python, VBS);

• Knowledge of XML

We are seeking Test Automation Engineers who have experience developing and maintaining complex test automation scripts using a variety of automation tools. The successful candidate must be capable of full end-to-end execution of automated testing. The candidate will need to

work closely with Developers, Testers, Architects and client Stakeholders in an Agile environment.


We are also looking for Business Analysts with good communication skills and client facing attitude, who have:

  • Good financial skills
  • Good experience with Summit
  • Understanding of the most used trading instruments in the Capital Markets space: Swap, FRA, Cap/Floor, Options, Bonds, Exchange Trades, FX Trades
  • Knowledge of the functional business flow for Front Office, Middle office and Back office related activities is nice to have
  • Analytical approach in solving problems
  • Able to design and execute test cases
  • Excel, VBA and SQL

Interview with Mihaela Antochi


How did you find out about the opportunity at Phi Partners?

I applied to a post on a recruitment job board for another role and subsequently had an interview with the agency. The role I had originally applied for was focused on one single technology area whereas Phi Partners role had a much deeper technical basis and seemed more interesting. My University experience had been quite diverse I had noticed that many roles were quite specific in terms of technology areas. Given that Phi Partners areas of experience needed to be much broader I felt that I would have the opportunity to learn more diverse areas of technology.

What drew you to the position at Phi Partners and what did you find interesting about it?

You don't settle on a particular area of technology but get to work with many areas. It allows me to be more flexible in my experience and gives me more variety and more interest.

How does this compare with the other role that you were considering at the same time?

The other role was offering one single area of technology and I was really keen on having exposure to a variety of technologies to keep things interesting.

Tell me about your first month at Phi Partners?

The first month involved a lot of intensive training, not just technology related but what I found particularly interesting is learning about the banking and finance world. Until the training I didn't have much knowledge about banking and finance and how money moves around the world. It has expanded my knowledge of the economic markets and how it fits into the overall global economic picture.

How are you finding the team here at Phi Partners? 

I have been welcomed into Phi Partners very warmly. If I have an issue or problem I can't solve myself, the team are very open to offer advice and solutions and have been very helpful and supportive to my needs. It has genuinely helped with my initial development.

What kind of opportunities do you think are available here what is your vision for the next one or two years?

I am quite ambitious and although it is very early in my career here I would like to be able to solve problems within my own projects on my own and without assistance from other people. I feel I am getting all the training and mentoring I need in order to be successful. I have had friends who have left university and joined companies and they are left alone to do the work without proper training. There appears to be a culture of help and assistance from all my colleagues which is a better way of learning at a new company than just been given a large book and being asked to learn from that.

What motivates you to come in every day?

I have really enjoyed learning about banking and finance and I feel there's a lot of very experienced people at Phi Partners who will give me the ability to learn and to expand my knowledge and continue to grow as an individual and to be part of an organisation that is growing.

So what would you say to potential candidates that may be deciding on their future when leaving university?

The more I hear about financial markets the more interesting I am in learning what Phi Partners are doing. I think there are some great opportunities to go and work from a customer site overseas.  I feel I could see a little more of the world and understand how business is conducted in other countries. I am really interested in travelling with work and this organisation could be a vehicle to allow me to do this.



What can we offer?

A stimulating environment, where your technology skills will be challenged and enhanced on a variety of projects. Great colleagues, who share our commitment to creating value for clients and delivering excellent work. A good social atmosphere that means you look forward to Monday morning! And recognition of your individual and team contribution to growing Phi Partners.


We provide a structured and extensive training program for new hires, covering not just the technologies and functionalities of the Summit system but also to provide grounding in the relevant capital markets concepts. Training will continue over your junior years, but we would also expect you to get exposure to real client projects after just a few months with us giving you the chance for an early contribution to our business.

As you develop your skills and experience with us, your ongoing training will become tailored to your individual talents and interests. Unlike other specialist software consultancies, we have our own licensed instance of the vendor software and substantial internal resources for training and development.

Travel Opportunities Although regular or long term travel is by no means mandatory or expected, our consultants have the opportunity to travel within Europe and further afield, both on short term and more permanent placements, if they are interested to do so. Working overseas brings an extraordinary wealth of experience both professionally and socially and we support all our staff in any ambitions to spend time abroad.

Multiple possible career paths We don’t assume that – as a graduate – you know exactly how you want your career to progress. If you do – fantastic – we will support you to meet your goals. But the reality is that many people haven’t found their calling. Having exposure to all aspects of our business will help you explore your talents and discover what you love. By the very nature of the work we do, and the size of the company, most of our graduates will become multi-skilled, giving versatility and scope to progress in a range of directions.

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