Who we are:

EveryMatrix is an independent IT company offering award-winning software solutions to the iGaming industry.

We started small, with big ideas.
In the meantime we managed to fill the shoes and the roles, growing in both size and – we like to think – wisdom. We’ve spread our reach over the continents, taking the meaning of the word “global” as literally as one can. With offices across Europe and Asia, EveryMatrix is able to deliver custom-built solutions in these regions within our product range, including the award-winning sports betting solution, OddsMatrix, CasinoEngine, the largest casino content aggregator currently on the market, as well as GamMatrix – the ultimate gaming management system.

We’ve been trying to build on more than products and projects. Sure, we all have a purpose and a goal, and we work hard to get there. But how, with whom we do our work and live our office lives, makes a great big difference. EveryMatrix is young at heart. And that’s what makes it such a great place to be in. Friends, ideas, fun and inspiration come easier when you are free to be who you are. We’re all different and special. And thank god for that. It just means that at EveryMatrix, your bestfriend,  your kickass crazy colleague, your mentor, are just around the corner. And they can’t wait to meet you!


EveryMatrix HR team receives some of your personal data (such as: your name, e-mail address, telephone number, education, job experience) through Hipo. This information is necessary to carry out the recruitment process in order to take steps to possibly enter into a contract. EveryMatrix will never use any of your personal information for any purpose beyond recruitment, employment or reference checks, and strongly believes in the importance of keeping the personal information private. EveryMatrix is committed to all the principles of the GDPR and aims to respect your privacy whilst communicating with any other party. 

The information you submit will be stored on our servers and will not be transmitted to any third party outside EveryMatrix group of companies.  For more information about the use of your personal data by Hipo, please check the Confidentiality policy provided in the website.
Our structure
We have several major products that we work on improving and developing. For each product we have multiple teams, usually with one located in Bucharest and the others in Lviv or Changsha. Each team works on a specific part of the product (front end, back end, reporting, etc). And each team is built like it’s own micro-universe: it has its own Product Owner, Scrum Master, Technical Team Lead, JavaScript Developers, Business Analyst, QA, Database Developer (where the case) and, of course, at the core, .NET or Java Developers (depending on the product). Feel free to ask us about the teams and projects that might interest you.

The mindset
Our products and projects are diverse and highly complex. Our customers need to be on their top game, so we use only the latest technologies to make that possible for them.
Thing is, clients don’t just install our products. We operate the technical solution, on their behalf. We don’t sell our software on fixed fees. When our clients grow, we grow. This means that we like to make our products better – even when clients don’t ask or pay – for it. Our clients mean long-term relationships. And as most relationships, they require commitment and investment – and willingness to grow.
The code we build is ours. And when we spend extra time on making it good, scalable, high performance, easy to error fix, that investment will come back to us over the years to come. We like to make code that we can be proud of.

The work in Romania
OddsMatrix - Is a sports betting software solution and platform. What it does is collect, match and render information about over 21,000 live events per month, over 50 sports and over 250 different betting types. This is all so that our clients can offer their users a wide variety of betting options for all types of sports or events.

#Java SE 7, #Junit/TestNG, #OOP, #JDBC, SQL/MySQL, #Big Data, #multi-threaded environments, #Spring Core, #profilers, garbage collection tuning, #Maven, Hudson

GamMatrix - Handles a wide range of services, including Vendors Integration, iGaming CMS, Payment Processing, and Player Handling. The Platform is integrated with more than 100 different Software APIs, and is both a flexible and scalable system.

#.NET, #n-tier applications, #relational database systems, #SOAP / REST / WebAPI / MVC / WCF, #large code bases, #bug fixing

We also build the websites for some of our clients and integrate our products directly, so that the client can start operating immediately. Therefore, we have…

Components Team – The purpose of this team is to build a React framework of components that we'll be using to launch all our clients’ sites in the near future. We deploy containerized apps via docker, using cubernetes and a continuous delivery pipeline.

#JavaScript, #AngularJS, #ReactJS, #Node.js, #CLI tools, #CouchDB, #HTML5, #CSS3, #procedural programming, #MV* frameworks, #rendering tricks for performance

Site Builders Team – Their goal is to achieve a great level of esthetics, usability, performance and stability, while also following clients needs in terms of design and functionality. Developers in this team work side by side with QA engineers to ensure our clients’ website quality. All this is possible thanks to the framework, tools and components built by the Components team.

#Design, #CSS3, #HTML5, #UX/UI

Daniela Asaftei, Marketing Manager, Jetbull team


I joined EveryMatrix half a year ago and it was a great decision for my professional path. This is not only another IT company, it is one that provides every moment the best environment for its employees, in all the possible manners. Arriving here, I discovered there are internal professional development projects. Every Tuesday, people go to the 4th floor to take their books from the Bookster shelf – a service that seems to be intensely used here.

The working atmosphere is relaxed and, as long as everybody does their jobs, rules as arrival/leaving hours matter less. EveryMatrix means a youth-spirited company, with a burst of innovation and creativity, where every person is important and has a chance to do their work and grow in their own manners.

Working as a Marketing Manager in our Jetbull.com, gives me the chance to express my creativity and implement quickly the projects I plan along with the team. As part of the EveryMatrix family, I feel I can make things happen, from the serious day-by-day projects, to salsa classes in the afterhours.

Mihai Coman, Front End Developer, Site Builders team

Working in Everymatrix is a bliss! Let me tell you why:
 I started here in June 2015, coming in from one of the biggest media agencies in Bucharest. At first I was afraid because I thought this move would be a setback in terms of my professional skills, but I was amazed to see that everyone working here is keen on developing new and interesting stuff. For me this was a main advantage, as a web developer, because it gave me the opportunity to deliver beautiful projects that not just meet the specifications that were asked for, but also meet the latest standards and technologies in our field of work.

Another think that I love is that, here in EM, everyone understands what web development means, from other web developers to project managers and integration managers, whom are not always tech geeks, but they respect our deadlines and listen to our feedback and always look to improve the quality of the final product that we deliver.

This company is that type of company that respects it’s employees. There are always available trainings for each department and we have full access to the Bookster library. The newest books regarding new technologies are always there at our full disposal, so whatever the need there is always someone that can help us with it.
Diana Onea, Senior QA, GMCore crew

When I came in the company I had a main goal, to learn interesting things. In only 6 months I learned more then I thought I would and I like it. EveryMatrix is the kind of company where you can evolve and define your carrier.
And don't get me started on the environment in this company. We are like a big happy family, especially at Friday bar.
Valentina Tase, Casino Support Team Leader

Ever since my first interview I was able to find at EM the perfect working environment which, as it turned out, actually made my work fun. My baby steps were carefully guided, allowing me to grasp quickly all the information received. With a character both professional and friendly, without any apparent impact but making all the difference, before I knew it I found myself having enough determination for a bungee jump. I then realized that I was gaining more than a professional experience. Every person is individually different nevertheless, each one contributes to the big EM family in his own unique way.
Mihai Mirosanu, OMFE Java Team Leader

I was asked to write a few words about what it’s like to work at EveryMatrix; I will try to describe my experience: First of all, I would like to point out that following my career path, I switched between seven employees, so I’m not that person that holds his ground when it comes to workplaces devotion.  I never spent more that two year tops at one of my former companies. Well, that’s until I was hired at EveryMatrix.. I’m happy to say that I am currently waiting for my 3rd year anniversary here and for the moment I even plan to sign my retirement in EM.

Why? Well, first of all, because of the awesome, fun and dedicated people that I met here, because of so many friends that I have made in these past years and because of the beautiful challenges that I have been involved in; I am not even mentioning the cool stuff that we are offered, like those crazy parties that we have every end-of-the-month (by the way, what day is it?) and those amazing team buildings with lots and lots of fun and surprises!

Of course that I’ll also write a few words about the actual work atmosphere: we always work with the latest frameworks, we do pair programming, we have reading groups and weekly meetups and we are all very dedicated when it comes to the code that we write. All the teams are doing scrum or kanban (where this applies) and for me it’s been quite a surprise to see that these methodologies are applied almost by the book here. We proudly conduct the demo meetings where almost every time our CTO and even our CEO are attending providing us feedback alongside with congratulations that makes us feel really appreciated, all of this in a cozy, fun and familiar atmosphere. For me, these represents key aspects that any serious company should offer in one way or another.

Although I don’t want to end up like that guy from the teleshopping commercials, I must say that I recommend EveryMatrix as that awesome workplace that anyone is looking for.
We have some nice perks & benefits:
- Daily catered lunch (traditional, raw vegan or Vietnamese)
- Classes, certifications, books and accounts on tech learning websites;
- Relocation bonus & accommodation support if you’re moving to join us;
- Medical subscription (Regina Maria);
- An ever-growing, library (online & offline).

We know how to have fun. It’s a fact. We have:
- Friday Open Bars
- Teambuildings
- Parties
- Sponsorships for Mama & Pinocchio Children Centers
- Fund raisings for donations
- Massage at work;
- Health Academy (running, salsa, fitness)
- Our own private gym at the office;
- A fun entertainment corner;
- A crazy wonderful team, the likes of which you’ll find nowhere else in the world

We sponsor or organize a lot of meetups, academies and tech events
External events:
- We sponsor JavaScript Meetups
- Java Meetups
- .NET Meetups
- Agile Meetups
- We will be present at DevTalks 2016
- And at DevoxxDays
Internal events:
- JavaScript AcadEMy
- Front End AcadEMy
- QA AcadEMy
- Project Management AcadEMy
- Wednesday Tech Bar
- Workshops

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