Redesigning how we work in the post-pandemic world

The past two and a half years has fundamentally changed the way we define the role of work in our lives. We are a different generation of workers than we were in early 2020, and the 2022 Work Trend Index confirms that employees now overwhelmingly prefer flexible working hours or locations.

Beyond pay and flexibility, today’s employees are looking for a positive culture, well-being benefits, and a sense of purpose and meaning in their roles. Many hybrid employees are considering a switch to remote while even more remote employees are considering a switch to hybrid work in the year ahead. As the pandemic showed us that employees can be great at their jobs while working from home, flexibility became non-negotiable, and companies can’t afford to ignore this trend.

MassMutual Romania was set up during the pandemic and the foundation of the company was laid down completely remotely: the management team and the first employees were hired remotely; everybody worked from home and they met their coworkers during online meetings. Even today, the company continues to carry out its hiring process completely remotely. Two years later, MassMutual Romania has 300 employees and learned that creating a culture of inclusion, well-being, equity, and trust benefits everybody.

MassMutual Romania values both the flexibility that a remote work environment offers and the value that comes from connecting and collaborating in person, allowing its employees to work fully remotely while having office spaces available in both Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca for those employees who decide to work from the office on occasion.

The Bucharest office on the top floor of Orhideea Towers is a 1,300 sqm space designed with innovation and sustainability in mind. From the 15th floor, it offers a panoramic view over the city and prime placement in the new Centre-West business area, across the street from Grozavesti metro station and close to the Polytechnic University campus. MassMutual Romania employees can indulge in delicious morning coffee, snacks, and fruit in their cafeteria and take a well-deserved break in the game room later in the day, fitted with a Playstation4, ping-pong table, foosball table, and a darts target. Take a virtual tour of the Bucharest office here.

Opened in February 2021, the Cluj-Napoca office is located in the newly built Record Park. Within proximity to the city center, the space is fitted with a modern office design. These employees work hard and play hard with an area featuring the latest FIFA installment on PS4, a foosball table, a ping pong table, a darts target, and a Remi board. The space also has its cafeteria, offering a variety of snacks, fruit, and coffee. Take a virtual tour of the Cluj-Napoca office here.

MassMutual Romania understood that employees’ needs have changed in recent years and the pandemic redesigned the way we work and our personal needs. Its employees have the freedom to decide whether to work from home, from the office, or have a hybrid working arrangement based on how they are most productive.

Companies that help employees achieve their goals and treat them with trust, respect, and dignity stand to gain a significant business advantage. They can better engage and retain their talent, as well as attract new talent. MassMutual Romania understands that its biggest asset is its people, a group of highly driven individuals who thrive in a positive culture where they can always rely on each other.

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