Join the video game industry and boost the beginning of your career

Ubisoft is looking for recent graduates who are ready to accept a new challenge and to work in the video games and/or entertainment industry. It is a life-changing experience for those who love games and want to impact millions of players around the world.

The Ubisoft Graduate Program gives you the possibility to apply to one of the following tracks: Gameplay Programmer , Online Programmer or Project Management.

Each role has different responsibilities, such as:

Gameplay Programmers – the ones who are accountable for the interactivity of the game:
  • Participate in the development of features that will make the game come to life
  • Evaluate and propose innovative tools and techniques to achieve the best quality, based on the functionalities of the engine
  • Suggest and participate in the conception of prototypes with the design team
  • Participate in the architecture, conception and implementation of gameplay code based on design intentions, and implement game controls focusing on quality
Online Programmers - the ones who play a critical role in ensuring millions of players are simultaneously immersed in a seamless, rich, game experience:
  • Participate in the creation of new online services related to a game
  • Develop, integrate and maintain global online platform services such as Matchmaking, Leaderboards, etc.
  • Participate in figuring systems’ behavior under normal or simulated peak load conditions to optimize performance
  • Make optimization in function of bandwidth constraints: reducing the amount of information transmitted, decrease latency, etc.
Project Managers – the ones who have to lead complex projects and large teams in international and rapidly evolving environments in order to create successful and innovative games:
  • Participate in the monitoring of project deliverables and risks to ensure the respect of deadlines, budget and quality
  • Participate in the implementation and the follow-up of the decision-making process
  • Provide relevant reporting to the game development team
  • Contribute to a smooth and efficient communication between all project stakeholders

Why start your career with the Ubisoft Program?
  • You will start your professional career with a two-year fast track program and work with talented game development teams in your country and abroad.
  • This hands-on approach will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced when making a game, enabling you to quickly advance your career goals.
  • In the first year, your will work in the Bucharest studio on developing the newest AAA titles, with support from your mentor. The following year, you will continue on the same position either in Bucharest or in another Ubisoft studio around the world. After these two years, you will continue your career path in the Bucharest studio.
  • you will benefit from a full-time working contract for both years.

Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from our employees who chose the Ubisoft Graduate Program:
„The Graduate Program was a very enjoyable experience. I had the opportunity to work on various projects, to participate in numerous trainings regarding the gaming industry, but also to travel and get to know the culture and people from different countries and studios.”
                                                                                                                                               - Andrei-Valentin Ciupitu
„The Graduate Program gave me a chance to get a job in this industry without any previous experience. An opportunity like this is not found very often and that is why I am very grateful. This job helped me understand what this industry really means and how much work and passion it takes to complete a project. I was also given the opportunity to work on projects, but I was also given the necessary time to learn the basics needed for some tasks.”
                                                                                                                                                - Andreea Smîdu
„Between the extraordinarily kind and knowledgeable people and travelling the world, the Graduate Program was a life changing experience. I had the opportunity to learn, hone my skills and gain a solid understanding of the industry from top to bottom and kickstart my career.”
                                                                                                                                                - Bogdan Mureșan

Apply now until FEBRUARY 28th, 2022


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