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During his seven years with us, Denis has experienced Veeam’s promote-from-within culture on a very personal level.

After all, his Veeam career journey has seen him progress from freelancer to full-time employee, before moving into leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams – participating in hiring, building our global brand, running online events, and preparing training and education programs.

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Put simply, Denis is the perfect example of how we grow our own. “Overall, we are trying to find people for the role of the team leader who are part of the team already, so we can promote them from inside – so like me, they’re able to preserve the Veeam spirit and inspire other Veeamers to follow in their footsteps.” 

Naturally, as our business grows, it’s more important than ever to preserve the culture of collaboration that drives mutual success. Having seen Veeam evolve, Denis appreciates this more than most. “In the past it was natural, because we were a much smaller team – so you couldn’t survive without helping each other. Happily, collaboration is so ingrained into the corporate culture, it has only grown stronger.”

Of course, there can sometimes be a disconnect between what a company says about its culture and the lived experiences of employees. But not at Veeam. “We do have big values – like Conversations from the Heart and Everyone Sells, etc., but for me actions speak louder than words. And I’m pleased to say that at Veeam, we really do live by our values and integrate them into everyday life.”

Now based in Bucharest, Denis is dedicated to helping his fellow Veeamers achieve their potential. “The thing I’m most proud of during my time with Veeam? It has to be my team members. They have managed to go from junior positions to Tier 2 engineers in just two years by working hard and putting their heart and soul into developing their skills. Being the team leader that’s helped them succeed is a real honour.” 

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