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Marius had worked on a helpdesk providing local IT support in Bucharest, but moving to Veeam was something else.

“Everything is on a different scale: larger infrastructures and environments, incredibly complex systems, the latest data storage technologies. I’m lucky that technology is not just my job; it’s my passion in life, it defines me as a person. That’s a pretty good starting point for a career at Veeam.”

We have a ramp-up program for new hires and Marius’ first three months were an intensive training experience. “It showed me how everything can be applied to real-life scenarios. I studied Informatics at university and I learned the theory surrounding email infrastructures in the cloud. Coming here, I could see how everything works and interconnects.” 

Marius was given training materials and lectures, plus a mentor who was also his team leader and could answer all his questions. “I also learned so much from the people around me. I teamed up with three amazing guys and we tackled the challenges together. If any environment can be both competitive and collaborative, Veeam has it. There was friendly rivalry regarding the number of cases we closed and the tickets we processed but we were all trying to help each other to grow.”

This competition really pushed Marius on. “I’m usually quite self-critical but I’m proud of the way I’ve progressed. I came in as a junior in 2017, then was promoted to Customer Support Engineer.

Now I’m a Tier 2 Support Engineer, making trainings and developing tests for others, and dealing with the more complex cases escalated by Tier 1 Engineers.

And all the time, being part of a large international company, I’m dealing with people from different cultures and nationalities.”

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