G2 Travel – A success story

G2 Travel – A success story

Meet Ana, Valentina, Andrei and Cristiana, 4 people that were just like you when they joined G2.

They didn’t know much about G2 or how many possibilities they will have here, and yet, these are only 4 success stories out of many in G2, where the career opportunities are endless.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next success story would be yours?

1. How did your journey in G2 Travel start?

Two and a half years ago I was working in a private school, when a friend of mine, whom I knew from high school and went to China with, told me that they are looking for a new Chinese speaker at her company. Although I knew nothing about tourism or geography (I’ve always been a fan of History in school), I was in one of those moments in life when you think of changing your job, so I decided to give it a try.

VALENTINA: When I joined G2 Travel in 2014, I came with an open heart and willing to learn about the travel industry and find a career that suits my personality. I was insecure about the people, the new domain and the management team.

ANDREI: My journey in G2 travel began in the summer of 2015 when I’ve joined the Data & Reporting department as a Hotel Data Executive.

CRISTIANA: I started an excellent journey from Hotel Reservation Executive to Trainer.

2. And what was your first impression?

I was surprised when I went to the interview of how nice people were and that I wasn’t asked those standard impersonal questions you are asked when looking for a job. Two days later I accepted the offer for a Quotation Executive position and this is how my G2 story started.

VALENTINA: I discovered a team of intelligent, passionate and helpful people who accepted and supported me to integrate as quickly as possible.

ANDREI: The first thing that impressed me was how friendly everyone was. It didn’t matter that I was new, everyone in the team was excited about having a new colleague.

CRISTIANA:  I have realised that working in team is the most important thing. The team helped me to develop one of my ‘not yet discovered’ competences – negotiation.

3. What were your challenges?

The first 6 months were a real challenge. I started working just before the high season in quotations, so I had to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible. Even though at times I felt overwhelmed with information, processes, translations of Chinese itineraries (that I ended up bursting in laughter with a colleague, in the middle of the office), I saw what ‘team work’ really means. Not only my teammates and supervisor were supporting me every step of the way, but every department within G2 Bucharest was working together to help everyone get through the peak seasons and offer our clients the best services possible.

VALENTINA: One of my biggest challenges was to familiarize with all the different cultures and other local Sales offices we work with. From Asian Sales offices to Western European support offices, I discovered new ways of working and learning to be proactive, open to changes and understanding client expectations.

ANDREI: In this nine months of working within G2, I’ve had the chance to grow a lot both personally and professionally with task ranging from day to day system management to writing manuals.

CRISTIANA: The experience as a hotel reservations executive was interesting but at the same time very challenging. The situations I have handled and the relations I have built with the hotels and our sales departments helped me to have the best results.

4. What was your next step?


After almost two years of working as a Quotation Executive, during which I managed to be a point of reference for our department and team, work on almost all the markets in our department, build a strong relation with our colleagues from Asia and my superiors, hold presentations on one of our most difficult destinations – Scandinavia and actually join a tour of Taiwanese clients through Europe (which was a great reward for me), I started feeling that it was time to take a new step in my career.
Just around that time, our General Manager announced the forming of a new department, Quality and Training. It was what I was waiting for. I applied for the Quality Analyst job right away, eager to take on this new challenge within the company. After a lengthy recruitment process, I got the job and this where I am today. Learning again the business, from another perspective, new processes and working with new and interesting colleagues. I am very excited and curious about the new challenges that I will face, but looking back at the past two years, I know that everything will be ok.

VALENTINA: I got the chance to relocate to our Tel Aviv office for 6 months, to train the team there. I found myself living experiences I never done before and socializing with people I wouldn’t have met back home. I got therefore the chance to improve my adaptability skills.
I learned about Israeli culture, customs and local business practices and I improved my ability to function effectively in cross-cultural situations.
When I came back to Bucharest, I had the chance to apply to our Services Manager position and I got the job. I have gained knowledge of myself and my team members, which helped reach to the next level in my career. I've learned what motivates them, what makes them shine, and how important it is to recognize them for their contributions.

ANDREI: After providing training for new employees or managing a team during project, I had the chance to become a Supervisor in the Data & Reporting department.

CRISTIANA: Although I enjoyed so much working in the Hotel Reservations Department, a new, exciting professional challenge appeared and together with the support of my managers and team I become one of the G2 Travel’s trainers. The last 4 years that I have been within the company, were the most rewarding and best learning years of my career.

5. And finally…...how do you feel about G2 now?

ANA:  Let’s not forget about the fun part! We had Trivia, costume contest for Halloween in the office or other fun events that helped us unwind and know each other better. I must say that the Christmas parties in G2 are one of the bests I’ve been to. As professional and focused as people are in the office, they are twice as fun and friendly outside office hours.

VALENTINA: Based on my experiences, I have grown as a person and my style of managing has changed in a positive way. I am responsible to promote a positive, friendly and helpful environment for our team. It’s important to me that our team is trained and seasoned to be confident so they can move up in the company just like I did. I enjoy teaching them how to solve different issues and be patient to work things out among internal and external departments. It's really rewarding to see others excel in the company. It can be done - I'm proof.

ANDREI: Joining G2 was absolutely the best decision I could have made as a fresh out of college guy with only a dream.

CRISTIANA: If you want to work in good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment - this is the place, in G2 Travel’s family.


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