Hilti Talent Quest Program - Interview with Andrei Istrate

About Hilti

World leader, present in more than 120 countries on 5 continents, 20,000 team members, direct selling company, 200,000 customer contacts per day, more than 30 innovations per year – That’s Hilti.

We excite construction professionals with technologically-leading products, systems and services which outperform and outlast.

We create enthusiastic customers and build a better future! We do this by living our values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment. This forms the basis for Hilti unique corporate culture and is also the foundation for our long-term success; success that we combine with corporate responsibility and environmental protection. 

Our “Talent Quest Program” is designed to bring onboard - ambitious fresh university graduates who are passionate for sales, marketing and who have an entrepreneurial way of thinking. The aim is to develop future Hilti Leaders who could bring our Company to the next level.

Andrei Istrate, one of the trainees of the Talent Quest Program has told us about the Hilti adventure, what this experience meant for him and why you should apply. In the following lines, you will have the chance to discover a lot more about the 7th edition of the Talent Quest Program and apply for the Junior Account Manager position here

Hilti Talent Quest Program through Andrei’s eyes 

About Andrei and his career path at Hilti

I’m a 28 years old, Marketing Graduate from ASE Bucharest, which started at Hilti in 2011, currently in the role of Regional Sales Manager in Italy where I manage a team of 11 account managers in Tuscany. In this position I’m responsible for the implementation of our strategy in my Region. In order to do this, I coach my team members to demonstrate to our customers Hilti value-adding solutions that fit their needs.

My goal is that our customers turn away from the competition and become true Hilti Fans. When I achieve this goal, I then know that my whole team has created and will create continuously value for the whole Hilti Grup.

The beginning of his career at Hilti 

I started working as an Account Manager in Bucharest, and after the first year, I’ve gotten the opportunity to participate in an intense 6 month international project which in turn helped me make a leap forward in my personal and professional development by achieving positions such as Product Manager South Eastern Europe and Regional Sales Manager.

The biggest challenge 

Thinking about challenges I can start from the very first day, when I moved from my marketing background to selling products for the construction industry, of which I didn’t know too much. Another instance was when I moved from sales in Romania to HUB Product Manager in Italy, which required not only higher skills and bigger responsibilities, but also the ability to communicate with my peers in a foreign language.  In both cases with strong support of the colleagues and the training programs in the local organizations, either Romania or Italy, the ideas and concepts that seemed very difficult at first, proved to be more accessible than previously thought, allowing me to realize my objectives successfully.

The biggest accomplishment at Hilti

Probably the most notable accomplishment was the launch of the newest generation of rotating lasers PR 30-HVS and PR 2-HS. What made it notable was that the whole product launch was an interactive experience between the sales force & customers, either directly on the jobsite or in our Hilti Centers. The unique features of the tools made it possible to create an exciting demonstration, getting the involvement of the customers and surpassing their expectations in terms of speed & robustness which lead to strong emotional impact and great sales results.

Competencies developed 

Looking back to when I started working at Hilti, I can proudly say that it was a fulfilling period for my development, starting from improving people skills, working in a multicultural environment which is a huge benefit both professionally and personally as you manage to learn from others and also give your experience in return. These dynamics are eye-openers for how different cultures think and helps showing new ways of looking to various situations. 

On another level, I had the opportunity to understand how to bring a product to market, from the very beginning of an idea, following all the steps, right up until the product ends up as a solution, creating excitement for the customer.

His career plans 

The New Year and all the past experience at HILTI brought me a new role as a Regional Sales Manager. This role is an important change, as I will not be responsible only for my own tasks but my actions will have a direct impact on the team that I’m leading.

At every stage of the experience so far, I’ve had the possibility to learn from invaluable internal or external trainings and even more importantly, directly from people with strong practical experience.  I know that in Hilti I can always rely on structured trainings and competent people and this makes me confident in my development in the years to come. 

Why applying for Hilti Talent Quest Program?

I would recommend this program because when you enroll, alongside the job, you get an exciting journey with it.

Firstly because you’ll get the chance to work with great people, from whom you will have the opportunity to learn from their experience and on more than one occasion, have fun while doing so.

Secondly I recommend it because it’s an environment that promotes and encourages performance, which motivates and pushes you to become better and develop yourself.

Thirdly, by performing you’ll get the opportunity to develop in the directions you want to, sales or marketing, logistics or human resources, engineering… etc.

Moreover you get the chance to create an international career path and work with colleagues from all over the world.

If you want to take part into the journey the first step is to submit your application here.     

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