Discover DB Schenker SSC - one of the largest in-house Shared Service Centers in Bucharest


DB Schenker SSC provides accounting services for three major division within the DB group, across Europe. We currently support the activities for 19 countries, but the number will increase until 2020 when we will have over 35 countries in the center.

The DB Schenker Global Services Europe will be one of the largest in-house Shared Service Centers in Bucharest providing world class services in accounting, namely Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting and General Ledger, to almost all countries in Europe. At the moment we are looking for candidates that are speaking French, German or Czech/ Slovak languages. For some of the jobs experience in Finance is not required.  Click here to see all our job openings.

We are looking forward to meet you on 24th - 25th of March at Angajatori de TOP. Don't miss our Skillshop where you can meet Mateen Memon, General Manager of DB Schenker SSC, who will help you face the challenges at work.

We asked our colleagues about their experience in DB Schenker SSC and what they think about our company. 

Passion should be the reason you choose a career
I really think that DB Schenker is a company who has respect for the employees and knows how to create a great and positive work environment. Everyone has the chance to express their needs and ideas and there are so many activities to improve efficiency and instill positive attitudes among employees. There is a balance between work and personal life, and that’s one of the things I like the most.

I also appreciate that the employees who put in effort for their work are rewarded; not always officially, but also with daily interactions. My manager always verbalizes her appreciations for simple little things.

In my opinion, passion should be the reason you choose a career. Just doing what you are good at while you love doing it. DB Schenker offers the ideal environment for new starters, career changers and anyone looking for development opportunities. If you are an enthusiastic, motivated person, this is the right company for you.

Lorena Saroiu, GL&FA Accountant

A small family where everyone is doing something else for the others

 I`ve joined DB Schenker since December 2016 as a Accounts Receivable Cluster Manager for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, having a brilliant team of 7 (lucky number). Feels like a small family where everyone is doing something else for the others. We regularly go out for drinks and play board games. Also, there`s a fantastic relationship with other Cluster Managers when it comes to sharing best practices, knowledge and having fun.

I chose to work in a shared service because having a cluster of countries working in the same office is more powerful than each country individually. Basically having a lot of people in one place you get a lot of improvement ideas from them. I found a very diverse culture here in DB Schenker with a lot of foreign colleagues and somewhere around 500 Romanians, all of them with a different approach when it comes to people and tasks. This is a valuable experience that can be gained. DB Schenker`s culture, as far as I see it now, has a really friendly approach when it comes to people so the best benefit for me is that I can make a lot of connections and friends.

I find working in an SSC better than a BPO because what I`m doing is for the company. This means that the company can grow to hire more people like my colleagues. As career path, you can easily grow from junior accountant to senior accountant and expert accountant.

Flaviu Filip, Cluster Manager AR

I support with advice and coaching anytime one of my team members requires it   

Our main activity within Accounts Receivable is collections of outstanding invoices from our customers. This is what keeps us busy most of the time. Apart from this, we are also in charge of some other activities such as running the Direct Debit and the Dunning, performing refunds to customers or different postings in SAP.

So basically, each team member has their own customer portfolio and 1 or 2 other extra activities from the ones previously mentioned.

We constantly work on building strong business relationships with our customers, which can sometimes be challenging. People are different; communication with 2 customers is never the same and also different issues happen to come up. We overcome them by actively listening to our customers, in order to be able to understand and support their needs.
In my role as cluster manager, I have a very active and constant communication with my team.

I support with advice and coaching anytime one of my team members requires it, I constantly share my feedback on things that go well and things that need to be improved, I offer visibility on the monthly targets and on our progress throughout the month.

Elena Georgescu, Cluster Manager AR

I wanted to try something new

Why I decided to work for DB Schenker? Global, well-known company, multinational environment, prestige. The hardest decision was to leave my family, friends and country behind and move to Romania.
I have to admit that I didn’t know much about Romania and Bucharest – I knew football clubs since they were playing with Polish clubs in the European cup.

So I made a research and I realized that there are a lot of beautiful places to visit, good weather and the Black See is very close. I wanted to try something new, so I packed my things and came to Bucharest without knowing anybody.

My team – GL Poland is like a big family. I am the only foreigner among 6 Romanians but we have great relations, they accepted me and now we are a very strong collective. I can count on every and each of them and I would like to thank them for that.
We are mixed - experienced with “fresh blood”, but all learning. Working hard, improving skills, making mistakes and fixing them, but also making jokes, smiling and laughing a lot, since your working place should make you feel comfortable.

This is what we all have in DB Schenker. My second year in Romania just started and I am sure a lot of new experience to come.  

Filip Stanislawski, People Manager Trainee GL
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