National Intern Day

Let’s build together the next generation of leaders!

What is Internship&Trainee Marathon?

It is the first job marathon for youngsters! We ensure the path from the ideal employers and opportunities to the coolest candidates.

Since 2018 it brings together the most awesome internships, apprenticeships, trainee & management trainee programs and entry-level jobs, in 2023 reaching over 300.000 students and fresh graduates from major Romanian universities.


What is National Intern Day?

#NationalInternDayByHipo is a unique project in Romania that highlights the importance of internship programs for candidates and recognizes employers’ efforts by putting into the spotlight programs of the highest quality.

Our main goal is for National Intern Day, along with the Best Internship Programs ranking, to become a national phenomenon, the most powerful tool for students & graduates when choosing an internship program.

By becoming a supporter of National Intern Day you will:

  • Be supporting the development of internship programs as key elements in the shaping of the next generation of professionals.
  • Be increasing your employer branding directly to your key audience as one of the major factors that invests in their future careers.
  • Receive the “Best Internship Program in 2024” badge as a recognition of the high quality that your program provides and also of your team’s efforts that is in charge with the program’s development.


What is “Best Internship Programs in 2024”?

It is a unique initiative of National Intern Day through which is determined a ranking of the best internship programs that will happen in 2024.

In order for your company’s internship program to be considered for the “Best Internship Program in 2024”, a current employee from your organization has to fill out the nomination form (only one nomination per company will be accepted.) Each program will be evaluated using only the information provided.

Your nomination will be eligible if your company hired at least one intern in 2023.

Nominate your internship program by filling this short form:


How is the “Best Internship Programs in 2024” ranking determined?

The ranking is based on your answers from the nomination form, where a scoring will be calculated (70% weight) and alongside the votes from the candidates (30% weight). The only information taken into consideration is the one provided by the employer in the nomination form, so all submissions must be completed with as much facts as possible. Here are the areas that the internship has to reach for a higher score:

  • o Education

  • o Career development

  • o Benefits

The nomination form and the judging are based on the preferences, needs and career perspectives of the Gen Z as analyzed in the "GENERATION Z BEHAVIOR ON THE ROMANIAN LABOR MARKET IN 2023" study by Catalyst Solutions.




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