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Industrie: IT&C Software

Established in 2002, Ciklum is a leading Danish supplier of technical personnel and teams, software development and agile business consulting to high growth companies globally. Ciklum currently employs more than 2500 specialists in our offices and technical development centers in Ukraine and Belarus. 

Ciklum is recognized as CeBIT 2010 Top 20 innovative company delivering services/products for small and medium sized companies, and named the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Top 100 Global Services provider. Most recently Gartner Inc. named Ciklum as a “Cool Vendor” in its ‘Cool Vendors in Application Services, 2013’ report.

Unlike the traditional project outsourcing model, we help over 200 of our clients establish their own development centers in one of our nearshore development locations where they outsource, completely or partially, their software development. This is the equivalent of having your in-house IT specialists, but for a significantly lower cost and with less administrative nuisances.

Ciklum business model
The core values of our approach include direct communication with the client and your onshore colleagues, flat management structure and opportunity to influence various project-related decisions, trust and transparency, freedom and responsibility.

Opportunity for professional development
Ciklum knowledge-sharing environment with 60+ profile events per month, PM Education Program, additional activities initiated by the Retention Department, workshops with experts from company's internal consulting teams and the Project Office, special discounts for IT-conferences and training courses in Ukraine, Belarus or EU, and much more!

Stage 1
In the first stage, Ciklum will speak with you about your background and experience, as well as your career expectations and ambitions. We will then talk over your advantages and disadvantages in order to find the most suitable vacancy. You will then take a short technical test and receive your score.
Stage 2
At the second stage, Ciklum will set up a meeting with your future Project Manager or a client to give you details on the project and the team. You will have the opportunity to tell us about your plans and your interests and determined if they can be fulfilled on this team.
Stage 3

In the final stage, we will determine together if you would like to begin working with Ciklum. We will agree on the working and financial conditions, build your PC or choose a laptop and start your career at Ciklum.

We always care about life-to-work balance for all the team members. To keep it in harmony we offer a wide range of social events that make a day in the office more than just a formal 8 hours working day.

Remarkable, that all social activities are originally initiated by Ciklumers. Ciklum is the environment, designed perfectly for your initiatives to grow up from an idea to a smooth realization together with your colleagues!


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