GenZ projects are dedicated to those employers who want to communicate and differentiate their employer brand in the labor market, while having an impact on the new generation.

Why you should be one of the employer who make the diffrence through our GenZ projects:

  • Increase brand awareness as a top employer in your industry: 45% of youngsters use when they want to apply for an Internship, Trainee / Management Trainee program or entry-level job.
  • Create great foundation and future connections with the next generation: we interact with over 800.000 students, fresh graduates and young proessionals from all over the country
  • Talent Attraction: identify and attract the best candidates in order to become your future employees, through advertising, social networks, events, or something that nobody’s even thought of yet
  • Using a mix of paid advertising, our projects expect to reach over 1.000.000 reach

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