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Orase: BUCURESTI, Iasi, Timisoara,
Industrie: Consultanta

Catalyst Solutions is a full-service company with 17 years of experience in recruitment, talent attraction and employer branding.

Catalyst Solutions manages, a career website focused on young professionals, students and graduates, but also online projects and career events: Angajatori de TOP, DevTalks, DevHacks, DevCon, DevAfterWork, Internship&Trainee Marathon, Top Talents Romania, Finance Recruitment Day, National Intern Day, Career Guide,  Summer Career Fair, Angajatori de TOP Virtual and The Most Desired Employers Survey.

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known top companies in the world: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Deloitte, EY Romania, HP Inc, Ursus Breweries, Hilti, Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola HBC, L'Oreal.
Joining us, you will have the chance to work in a professional enviroment, with a young and passionate team in: Sales, Employer Branding&HR, Digital Marketing, PR&Social media, Project management and Finance.

Find out more about our openings and join us today!

Our recruitment process is intended exclusively for candidates from Romania and our interviews are conducted face to face or online using Microsoft Teams platform.


                                            is a career website focused on young professionals, students and graduates. The career portal represents the area where the best employees and the best employers find their perfect matches. offers your company the opportunity to access optimal online career search tools which reveal the best qualified candidates.
Angajatori de TOP
With 14 years of tradition, Angajatori de TOP is No.1 career fair in Romania. It’s a one or two-days career fair, which takes place yearly on a national scale.
The career fair offers you a great opportunity to connect with a large pool of candidates in a short amount of time and helps your company raise awareness and create a strong employer brand among passive and active candidates. Angajatori de TOP brings together each year over 250 of the biggest employers and 35 000+ candidates, in Bucharest, Timisoara, Constanta, Ploiesti, Craiova and Pitesti.
In Bucharest and Timisoara editions, preselected candidates attend over 60 conferences and workshops, which allow your company to connect with the right audience (Bright students, Engineers, IT&C Enthusiasts, Foreign Languages). For IT&C candidates we organize a series of technical conferences and laboratories: TechTalks

DevTalks, designed as a two days event, DevTalks is the largest IT conference for the developers’ community and gives you many opportunities to network, learn and explore topics approached by local and international guru developers that will shape our future on IoT, AI, Robotics, DevOps, Web & Mobile, Project Management and Java.
The main purpose of DevTalks is to contribute to the development of the Romanian IT community by encouraging innovative projects, supporting diversity and the involvement of women in technology.

The gadgets that will make the experience a lot more fun, the IT companies that will create great experiences at their booth, the tech startups that will pitch on the Stages, are just a part of how DevTalks looks like! The event takes place in Cluj and


DevCon is a premium event designed around an umbrella concept, delivering a series of one-theme focused, stand-alone conferences that put in the spotlight the hottest trends & technologies of the moment for the local IT community in Bucharest. Inspired by the DevTalks Romania network, DevCon represents a new approach designed as a technical masterclass for the IT professionals with dedicated days of in-depth talks and hands-on presentations on 4 different topics: AI & Machine Learning, Security, QA & Testing, and Java.

For 3 days, we want to bring again back to you the most desired technologies discussed throughout the year with more technical talks and networking where you can meet top-notch local and international speakers from all around the world and important companies and key leaders from the IT industry.

DevAfterWork is a key event for the IT&C Community where participants have in-depth talks with local or international top specialists, get new insights and give voice to their personal ideas about the current topics from the IT field.

Tailored as an after-work context with a 3 hours Agenda, the DevAfterWork events encourage inter-personal connections and sharing ideas in a relaxed environment. The main purpose is to create a strong community that will inspire the future of the tech industry. With every event, we are gathering up to 100 IT professionals in the following areas: DevOps, Telecom, Java, Web, UX, Cloud, Mobile and much more.


Finance Recruitment Day
Finance Recruitment Day is one day event dedicated exclusively to finance, accounting, and banking students. We are waiting for 150 best students and fresh graduates to interact with companies interested in developing their professional and personal skills or recruiting them. The event has a very dynamic agenda that includes conferences, networking, interactive workshops and speed interviews.
Internship&Trainee Marathon
Internship&Trainee Marathon, part of the platform NextGen, is the largest national online project designed to promote internship & trainee programs towards students and fresh graduates from major universities. For 32 weeks (from February to June and September to December) we gather a series of attractive internship, trainee, management trainee programs and entry-level jobs

The Career Guides
The Career Guides are a great instrument for both companies and job applicants including brand mock-ups with the latest job openings, impactful career articles and tops with the most wanted employers in Romania. There are two career e-books publications per year reaching over 500.000 people nation-wide: the “Internship & Trainee Guide”, distributed in spring, caters to entry-level individuals, while the “Top 100 Employers Guide”, distributed in autumn, caters to professionals at all levels of experience.These online publications are a great foundation for future hiring efforts and a powerful way to endorse your company’s brand among the future generations of professionals.
The Most Desired Employers Survey
The Most Desired Employers Survey is the most complex instrument that assesses the perception and expectations of professionals, graduates and students and provides an objective measure of the attractiveness of your employer brand in this pool. The information contained in the reports is structured on 4 dimensions:
  • Employment Behavior: wanted industries & jobs, professional objectives, factors of choosing an employer;
  • Employer Perception: first choices, perception on which companies are providing the best salary/ training/ atmosphere;
  • Compensation & Benefits: benefits package
  • Communication Channels: used preferred and trusted information sources.
Top Talents Romania
Since 2007 Top Talents is the largest student competition in Romania. Over 1800 of the best students and fresh graduates compete in a though selection process for a place in the final. The selection process includes motivation, CV scoring for international experience, extracurricular activities, academic results and Cut-e numerical and verbal ability tests. At the and 250 students are selected from a pool of over 1800 top applicants.
Summer Career Fair
Summer Career Fair is a national innovative event that takes place on a 3D virtual platform, hosted by between June – August.  It is dedicated to students and fresh graduates that are looking for career opportunities.

Over 30 top companies will attend the event and will promote more than 300 jobs and internships for graduates. The event will offer the perfect guidance through the recruitment & selection process and enables live interaction with the targeted candidates through webinars and live chat.

Why you should work at Catalyst?

1. Because we always smile in the office. It is said that a meme a day keeps the stress away. You open your emails and you don't even know what is waiting for you! Your colleagues won't simply ask you to help them with a task, they would make you laugh at first. And if you make a mistake, something that can occur at the beginning of your journey, just like it could happen to any human being, that mistake would surely become a funny joke. So, don't stress!


2. Because here, the term 'absurd' doesn't exist in the vocabulary. If you think that the questions or the thoughts that come to your mind sound weird and absurd, make your voice heard by the rest no matter what! You don't know, from where the lightning could strike! Curiosity tickles us at every moment. That is why we are up to date with trends and take our inspiration from the things or places we expect the least. Therefore, any sources of inspirations are very welcomed!


3. Because you'll never suffer in silence. You will receive encouragement from every single colleague, and you are never left without a piece of constructive feedback. Just muster up some courage and ask the things you didn't get or what goes wrong! No one will eat you on toast with butter on top in the morning if they see your helpless expression on your face when getting in the office or receive from you a long row of messages ending up with crying emojis after every sentence. It's alright to ask for help!


4. Because you'll always have your own work satisfaction. You will realize that every project you get yourself involved in, will show the fruits of your labour almost immediately! To work, for example, in the marketing department, post on social media and see how your idea managed to gather dozens, maybe even hundreds of impressions in only a few hours after you posted, it's probably the best pat on the back. It will maintain your motivation to write even better content and grow everyday together with our team.


5. Because everyone has the possibility to become a catalyst. We're not talking about chemistry here, but about a person capable of triggering reactions of the audience, reactions which are in consonance with our mindset as a team, and with our goal in the world of recruitment, talent attraction and employer branding. And, no matter the position that you are going to occupy within our team, you have every chance to create impact, to be a catalyst!

We work together, we have fun together!


We enjoy every project!


We have fun outside of work!


We also take well-deserved breaks!


Last, but not least, we know how to have a great day!

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Brand Communications Specialist

full-time 0 - 1 an experienta

We are looking for a new colleague in our Marketing Team as a PR & Content Marketing Specialist.[..]

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Junior Office Assistant

full-time 0 - 1 an experienta


Catalyst Solutions BUCURESTI
Digital Marketing Internship (hybrid)

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Catalyst Solutions BUCURESTI
Marketing & Communication Intern – 3/6 luni

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Catalyst Solutions BUCURESTI
HR & Marketing Internship

full-time Student/Absolvent

​​​​​​​Are you looking for a young, dynamic team to work and have fun with? Are you looking for an INTERNSHIP in HR & Marketing? Come and join us![..]

Catalyst Solutions BUCURESTI
Data Presentation & Analysis Summer Internship

full-time Student/Absolvent

We are seeking a motivated and detail-oriented intern to join our team for a 3-month paid internship. You will play a crucial role in the creation of the reports for our Most Desired Employers Survey and develop your skills in data analysis, research, and presentation design.[..]

Catalyst Solutions BUCURESTI

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