At K2View, we believe that every enterprise should be able to liberate its data to deliver the most personalized and profitable customer experience in its industry, while being innovative and radically agile.
With K2View, companies manage data in a whole new way, using a business lens: they connect and organize fragmented data in real time, by individual business entities, e.g., customers, products, suppliers, orders. And then instantly and easily deliver it to any data consumers.

K2View provides an operational data fabric that delivers a real-time, trusted, and holistic view of any business entity, driving operational and analytical workloads, at extreme scale. It deploys in any environment in a matter of weeks, and adapts to change on the fly.

The most data-intensive companies in the world, including AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Hertz, and top-10 financial services institutions trust K2View Data Fabric for their operational use cases – spanning Customer 360, cloud migration, test data management, data privacy management, and legacy application modernization.

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