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IRON history

The history of IRON sheep TECH’s founders precedes the establishment of the company by almost 5 years. Co-founders Barry, Doru and Radu have partnered on various projects since 2009. Over the years they realized that they’re not only good friends, but accomplished business managers as well. Thus, in 2014 they decided to take things to the next level and started IRON sheep TECH.

The company is organised to provide software development services to clients who want to operate world class mobile applications with highly-scalable servers, and easy to use web administration tools.

It offers U.S. and Australian based clients the resources they need in order to keep a profitable business while developing various apps and technologies. So far the company has built a carefully selected development team based in Bucharest, with an emphasis on excellence in computer science.

Another focus is conducting R&D on applications of wireless sensors. IRON sheep TECH is a perfect choice for clients interested with software development for IoT projects!



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