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Who we are

We are a Silicon Valley recruitment firm that powers companies used daily by millions of users. We work out of offices on 3 continents, with the majority of us working remotely from home or coworking spaces.
We’re looking for talented developers, data scientists, machine learning specialists, project managers, technical writers, account managers and sales reps.

Our work process

We offer you a remote job with zero commuting to work; your schedule is flexible — only you control your hours. Our engineering team uses the latest web frameworks, technologies, and tools.

Our work culture is highly focused on minimizing distractions and interruptions, and you will have long periods of uninterrupted time to work. Only 2.5 – 3.5% of your entire hours will be spent in meetings, compared to the typical 25 – 30% at many other companies.

You will never be bored and the work environment is extremely fast-paced and relatively drama-free compared to the typical corporate political arena one wrangles with in their first job out of school

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