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Studyportals is the International Study Choice Platform. Our mission: “Empowering the world to choose education.” How? By making study choice transparent globally. We help students to find and compare their educations options internationally and provide universities an easier and more effective international marketing and recruitment solutions.

Studyportals started as a spin-off from a couple of large international study associations, frustrated by the lack of information to find international Masters in Europe: was born and proved to be an overwhelming success. In 2009 Studyportals BV, a private enterprise, which now also publishes,,,,, and was founded.

We are driven to realise a positive contribution to our world with our platforms. Beyond that, the Studyportals Foundation realizes charitable projects related to our mission or team, mostly with the UNICEF Schools for Africa campaign.

Nowadays, the Studyportals team consists of over 190 people worldwide with 36+ different nationalities, operating in Boston, Bucharest, Colombo, Eindhoven (HQ), Manchester, Melbourne, Monterrey and Stockholm.
We have a strong vision and we are now shifting the company to the next phase, which includes expanding our large team even more in Romanian office.

SIA, or Studyportals Intelligence Agency, is the general name for Studyportals location in Bucharest and it was established officially in March 2014. SIA is the content management centre, which was set in place to manage all the content published on all the portals. The SIA team now consists of a 40+ members within The Data Team, The Campaign Managers and The Editorial Team.
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