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Welcome to Plai Digital!

We’re here to pin Romania on the international online map as the “go to” place for cutting edge digital direct marketing.
How? By gathering a powerful community of local talents and turning every company we work with into an authentic online hotspot.

Quietly accompanying dozens of the fastest-growing brands and world’s biggest publishers, our direct digital marketing agency has one belief: offer meaningful experiences, drive change for the better.


1.Be fearless.

There’s a reason why we hire people for their attitude. The first thing we look for: courage. Why? Bold people don’t wait until they feel ready to do something. They just go for it, take responsibility and get where they want before everyone else.

After all, we’re in Romania: a lot of unexpected twists and turns here. We never wait for things to be perfect to go after our dreams and this is exactly what makes us so great.

2. Redefine the possible.

We encourage each of our team members to rethink their limits and go outside their comfort zone. Moreover, to welcome failure heads up. It’s the fastest way to grow and gain real strength. So find your weaknesses. Act on them. Fail. Stay positive and try again. Be irrational. Experiment. Work hard. And no matter what happens, keep moving. Because when we move, everything around us moves and starts changing.


3. Go big or go home.

Either we make a big impact or go home. There’s no in between.
We’re not talking just about finding that one strategy that makes numbers go sky-high. We’re talking about the way we interact with every single person we meet and about everything we build together.
Because we live in a community, not in a company. Everything we think, speak and do has a higher purpose: make the place we live in better than good.


What’s that one small thing that would have the greatest impact on your business? Once you find it…everything else falls into place.We call it “the Domino Effect”. Getting extraordinary results with minimum effort.


There’s only one way to know for sure: test it. That’s why, at Plai Digital, nobody assumes or debates over subjective opinions. Before spending any money, we do a minimum viable testing. If the idea it’s good, it will show on numbers the next day. It’s that simple. Well, actually, not that simple. It takes a lot of knowledge, experience and a team of math wizards to test properly and get accurate, reliable results.

We should know, it’s our specialty.


How do you create and own a unique category into the prospect’s mind? Through groundbreaking storytelling. The kind that creates long-term relationships with your audience and builds trust. The kind that gives true meaning to your products.
Our copywriters are feverishly writing and testing from email greeting formulas to hour long infomercials while discovering hidden treasures in the process.
For example, how just by changing a concept or targeting a different demographic can increase sales by more than 400%.



Nothing beats genius implementation and good tracking. Of course, our IT guys do a lot more than writing outstanding code: they have an obsession of finding that one small change a website needs for a significant sales boost.
Just a modest example: they created a close to revolutionary video format that helps increase the sales by an average of 35% on 13 different websites! It loads fast and has a great compatibility with all devices.


Getting all eye-balls on your messages while making good money in the process. We call it ROI-based advertising.
Not to brag, but our media team has managed more than a hundred million of advertising spend. Enough said.


  • Copywriting;
  • Front-End and Back-End Development;
  • Media Buying;
  • Design;
  • Affiliate Management.


Our team motto: Rule the internet! We’re looking for authentic, ready-to–go-for-what-they-want-with-all-they’ve-got PEOPLE.

Fighters who are not afraid to make mistakes or to dive into the unknown. Fighters who burst with positive energy, always feeling the need to move things forward and make the place they’re in extraordinary.


Send us your digital fighter application at . Don’t wait for “opening positions” or whatever. If we like what we’re seeing, we’ll find you a great place in our team.


Office perks

Medical Insurance

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Free Lunches

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Have a question for us? Great! Email us, call us 0374611611, or fill in the contact form on our site

Want to meet us face to face? Drop by our cool office! We love to share coffee and sweets.

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