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The British School of Bucharest (BSB), founded in 2000, is a private international British school providing the UK curriculum to girls and boys aged 2-18 in Romania. Unique amongst Bucharest schools, all of our teachers are first-language English speakers with experience of teaching the UK curriculum. BSB is an international school with students arriving from as many as 50 countries worldwide.

BSB occupies a spacious campus in Pipera in the north of Bucharest, with space for separate Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Primary and Secondary centres all in the one location.

The final A level qualification is recognised globally and we have had students offered places in leading universities in the UK, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Korea, Poland, Mexico, Austria and Romania.

"We place great emphasis on our endeavour to produce
‘rounded and grounded’ young people."

Philip Walters  – Headmaster:

“On discovering I was a teacher, someone said to me many years ago, that what ‘they’ don’t tell you about school is that it’s not so much about what you’re learning as how to learn. At the time the phrase ‘lifelong learning’ was not as widely used as it is now. Defined in pure terms, this is both voluntary and self-motivated, involving the pursuit of knowledge to enhance personal development and ultimately competitiveness and employability.

In the ever-changing world of employment, where we cannot necessarily predict the skills that our children (and ourselves!) will require in the future, developing the passion and ability to self-sustain as ‘ongoing’ learners needs to start as early as possible.

I believe that BSB (British School of Bucharest) meets this standard to its fullest. We place great emphasis on our endeavour to produce ‘rounded and grounded’ young people, whose academic rigour is underpinned with the s
kills and behaviours that industries of every hue will seek in the future.

Beyond this and looking forward, we can reflect on the vast array of possibilities that face our children in years to come. It is with a sense of great responsibility that we accept the challenge to help them to be ready for all these elements.”


BSB Summer School is summer solution for busy parents and for children who like having fun and learning from native English-speaking professional staff. We offer the children a rare opportunity to develop their social, physical and academic skills in a British environment.

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