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30 years ago, linguist and pedagogue Helen Doron revolutionized the teaching of English as a foreign language for children by developing a method that imitates how babies learn their native language. Helen Doron is currently an international franchise network, present in over 30 countries.

Helen's method of teaching English has created a protective environment that mimics the natural learning process of the mother tongue. The kids are excited! The lessons are fun and lively and stimulate the emotional, physical, creative and intellectual well-being of the young trainees. Over the years, Helen Doron English has expanded from its initial program aimed at young children with adapted programs for babies from 3 months to 19-year-olds.

Almost two million children have learned English through the Helen Doron method and have benefited from Helen's continued commitment to excellence in education.

Our mission is to infuse children and young people with the passion for education, to make learning a habit for life. We want to involve parents in taking on the status of partners in achieving the success of their children.

Our vision is to become a center of excellence in English learning, contributing alongside parents to the success of children and young people.

The values we guide our activity to are: integrity, trust, respect and unconditional love for children, involvement, dedication, passion for excellence.

Our teachers are the heart of Helen Doron English

We are very proud of our teachers. Their daily interaction with learners gives life to the unique Helen Doron method for learning English as a second language.

Our teachers bring into their lessons the fun, the creativity and the pleasure to learn from which the children are so close. Under their guidance, learning English becomes a delightful experience that will not only be useful to them throughout life but will give them memorable memories they will always cherish.

Helen Doron English Teachers receive intensive training to teach English to children through this method. Once certified, they join a global elite network of Helen Doron English teachers, dedicated to making a positive change in their learners' education.

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