Orase: Cluj Napoca,
Industrie: IT&C Software, ,


Around25's core team has been working together for over a decade. We rely on the skills and passion of our colleagues to deliver the best in terms of code quality.

We take pride in every line written and consider code reviews to be a must on any project. To know us is to understand when we are in “the zone”, to be patient until the last piece of code is tested and to expect delivery before the deadline.

Our typical work are complex projects (e-learning, healthcare, Business Process Modelling, CRM, e-commerce, digital publishing) using the latest technologies (Node, React, Angular, Go, Zend, Symfony, Laravel, RethinkDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Docker, Vagrant, Gitlab, Jenkins).

It is our inquisitive nature and problem solving mentality that keep us forever on the move. We are currently focused on microservices and have experience with all major cloud hosting providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean).

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