Orase: Timisoara
Industrie: Auto IT&C Software


BeeSpeed TEC is on the automotive market from Timisoara since more than 11 years, building in all this time a strong partnership with ZF Group (which includes TRW). All our services contributed to the global mission of developing a safer vehicle for the driver and the passengers.

Starting with 1st January 2019, BeeSpeed TEC became a subsidiary of the ZF Group. Together we will further sustain the mega-trends in automotive innovation which are related with the main goal of developing an environment with zero accidents, zero local emission and a high connectivity rate between the vehicles.

ZF Group is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. In 2017, ZF achieved sales of €36.4 billion.

Our mission is to ensure the safety of the braking systems and to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities resulted from road accidents.

We will achieve this ideal through continuous monitoring and compliance with the following set of values:

Final Customer: All department activities are aimed at ensuring safety of the driver and passengers.

Products: The quality and the variety of the tests (and support tools) will improve continuously.

Technology: Ongoing research projects are and will continuously be conducted in the area of testing and supporting the automotive technologies, in order to ensure that we are able to provide the expected quality level once the products are on the market.

Orientation towards growth: We are striving to support the continuous expansion of sales in conditions of profitability.

Concern for the members of the firm: Our goal is to motivate and encourage continuous professional and personal development of our employees.


Our everyday life is influenced directly by the technology which is evolving at a fast rate in all the industries, the automotive being the industry that leads the market in areas like safety, environment and innovation. Customers’ needs and expectations, but also improved standards generate this evolution.

Timisoara hosts a consolidated automotive hub where most of the suppliers from the industry are represented both with R&D centers and with production facilities. Advanced expertise and know-how are available amongst the specialists from this domain.

Starting from these premises, we initiated in 2007 a partnership between our company BeeSpeed and one of the worldwide top 3 suppliers from the automotive industry. Together we gradually developed an R&D center for automotive safety systems. We have high competencies and expertise in the following technical disciplines:

We cover the following areas:

Software and system testing for embedded systems
Test Management - Test Design - Test Creation - Execution and Reporting - Test quality

Software Development
Development and maintenance of a state of the art tool chain (in .NET). Algorithm development and programming for braking system control units:

  • Basic- Software Development in C or AUTOSAR
  • Performance - Software Development of control algorithms for real-time controllers

Hardware Development
- Development and maintenance for the HW equipment used for testing and validation (HIL).

Quality and process engineering
Development, implementation and monitoring of the processes, procedures and WI's for the testing activities in order to assure a high level of compliance with the automotive standards, internal, customer and legal requirements.

  • Competitive salary package
  • Dynamic work environment, including work in distributed teams Romania-Germania
  • Career development opportunities including External and Internal Trainings
  • Certifications and professional development support
  • Frequent social-events and team building activities
  • Individual sport subscription
  • Ciclo-TEC – bicycles, scooters and electric scooter available for our members
  • Health insurance
  • Employee referral bonus


  • 100 fishes in our fish tank (1 for each employee and student)
  • 35% women + 65% men = 100% great people
  • ~4000 coffees/month brewed by our automated espresso machine
  • CicloTEC fleet: 5 available bicycles: Phecda, Merak, Dubhe, Alioth

                -   2 Scooters: Talitha and Muscida

                 -  1 Electric Scooter: Mizar

  • 15 automated HIL’s in our test laboratory

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