Dev Talks Romania

Orase: BUCURESTI, Cluj Napoca,
Industrie: IT&C Software


You are invited to Dev Talks, the leading IT conference in Romania who gathers 1500+ IT professionals in Cluj and Bucharest. This year we will talk about the Transition to 2020. In addition to the well-known topics like Web, Mobile, Cloud & Big Data, this year we will introduce new hot topics: IoT & Wearables, AI & Robotics, Machine Learning and Security.

We are coming in Cluj on May 11th and in Bucharest on June 9th.

Transition to 2020

What are the tech predictions for 2020? How will we improve our current hardware in the next few years and what will that mean for the next generation of smart devices and wearables?

The everlasting Web

The number of mobile users may have exceeded that of desktop users, but the Web is (still) here to stay.


We currently have 3 main mobile platforms and each comes with its own approach when it comes to development. We want to know what are the challenges that the developers have faced so far and how did they resolved them.

Infrastructure of Internet

We are generating more data than ever before and with the rapid development of IoT the amount of data will pose serious issues, not only when it comes to storage and analytics, but when it comes to securing our data as well.  


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