I LOVE Tech Timisoara - The perfect place to expand your tech knowledge

I LOVE Tech –Timisoara 

Join the leaders of tomorrow for a 2 days tech-filled event   


I LOVE Tech is a technology-focused event that will take place between October 13th – 14th  at Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timișoara. This event is dedicated to developers, engineers, researchers, and professionals who are interested in improving their skills and learning about the latest trends and technologies in the industry. 


What truly sets this event apart?  

It’s FREE OF CHARGE and its unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Designed for young professionals of all backgrounds, I LOVE Tech Timisoara embraces diversity and encourages everyone to be part of the technological revolution. Whether you're a coder, designer, engineer, marketer, or simply someone curious about the future, there's a place for you here! 



The event will feature interactive workshops on topics such as Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, QA Testing, Automation and many more. These free workshops will provide participants with hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn from industry experts that will join the stage. Reserve your spot! 



In addition to workshops, this edition we invite you to join leaders on 2 stages, dedicated to technology and engineering. The I LOVE Tech Conference will bring top industry speakers to the stage to discuss current topics from the industry.  


Discover the agenda here! The topics will address how technology is changing and discuss the new trends and technologies that will have a major impact on the software industry.  


Join the TECHNOLOGY STAGE and discover more 

Join the ENGINEERING STAGE and discover more 

The conference will be an amazing opportunity for participants to learn from experts and engage in discussions about the challenges and opportunities in the technology industry. 


Book your spot now! The seats are limited!

I LOVE Tech is an important event in the IT community from Timisoara where you can grow your network and connect with other professionals in the technology industry. So mark your calendar, gather your curiosity, and prepare to embark on a 2-days tech journey! 


The perfect place to expand your tech knowledge and skills!   

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