Technology and a people-centered culture, the key to Porsche Engineering’s expansion in Romania

Innovation, passion, people

With innovation, passion and a focus on people, Porsche Engineering in Romania not only continues to move forward, but also surpised us by opening a second location in our country, this time in Timișoara. These factors are crucial for the company’s sustainable evolution during the last years.

A new era of working

In the past two and a half years, we have entered a new era of working, where flexibility is key. That is why Porsche Engineering not only invested more in its Cluj-Napoca office, but also opened a new location in Timișoara, where employees can fully immerse themselves in Porsche company culture. Employees in both locations enjoy a hybrid-proof work environment that includes meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge video conferencing technology, flexi and relaxation zones to boost creativity.

Porsche Engineering Romania fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion, and in terms of giving back to society, the company also has ongoing partnerships with the technical universities in both cities, encouraging students to experience Porsche Engineering’s culture, by applying to programs where they can learn more about the technologies the company develops, and have a real contribution to the evolution of the intelligent and connected vehicles. This year, Porsche Engineering Romania is planning to recruit over 100 employees with different levels of experience, with a focus on AI, Big Data, Cloud, Infotainment, ADAS, Connectivity and more. All the available roles at Porsche Engineering Romania can be explored here.

Among the most exciting projects Porsche Engineering teams in Romania are working on, in both Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, is the Car Data Box. Based on NVIDIA architecture, the project enables the teams to test new features, using AI methods, within the vehicle. Another project the employees of Porsche Engineering work on is a cut-in-detection system, which is planned to lead the vehicle one step closer to the highly automated driving concept, and also to a safer driving experience. All of these, and more, can be experienced in Porsche Engineering’s own ”laboratory on wheels”, called Project Jupiter, an actual Porsche car located in the premises of Porsche Engineering Romania, packed with state-of-the-art technologies, where employees can test and optimize the projects they are involved in.

Technology and a people-centered culture, the key to Porsche Engineering’s expansion in Romania so if you want to find out by yourself, don`t forget to check their available roles here and start a career with them.

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