Siemens Energy – an ideal place for young graduates with big dreams about sustainability. Roberto’s story

“Every Friday in our Romanian office, we have a weekly coffee corner catch up! It’s here we bring in cakes, share stories and ideas with our fellow colleagues and generally get to know each other better. It’s invaluable for team building and something I really look forward to - it’s just like we are at a coffee shop with our friends”, says Roberto Ene, one of the young and brilliant Siemens Energy graduate employees, who joined the company in February 2022. We spoke with Roberto, to find out more about his experience working at Siemens Energy.
Roberto is responsible for overseeing the electrical components of projects and developing specifications for equipment including transformers and generators.
He was initially attracted by the opportunities that a global company such as Siemens Energy can offer and the chance to make a real impact on energy transition.

Exceptional working environment
“Being given the opportunity to work with a market leader, like Siemens Energy, it really is a dream come true. Engineering is a complex and interesting domain, but the company has a great reputation for developing young employees which is one of the reasons I was attracted to the role. That, and the opportunity to work on challenging projects all over the world,” says Roberto.
“As a key player in the energy sector, it’s also exciting to have the chance to learn from so many inspiring and knowledgeable people and to work with the latest technology, too. When joining the company, I knew very quickly that it was exactly where I could really thrive and grow. Their professionalism as a business really stood out. It was clear they placed a lot of importance on creating a supportive, nurturing, and caring culture. You are also given the autonomy to drive change and shape your own career path,” adds Roberto.
It’s not all work at Siemens Energy. From away days to team building exercises and nights out bring plenty of fun and colour to the workplace.

Creating a positive culture for young minds to thrive
The business also recognises that people can only become great when they have great people around them. And it’s because of that reason that knowledge sharing, and mentorship has become a widely embedded part of the organisation’s culture.

“I’ve equally been very impressed by the support of people across the business. From the head of the electrical department in Vienna to our functional engineering manager, they have put every effort in from day one to help us become better engineers. They also fully embrace that every one of us is different, helping us solve problems that will support the team to collectively meet their goals.”

A world of opportunity
Working for a global business means there is certainly no shortage of opportunities.
For Roberto, a visit to the Herne Cogeneration Power Plant in Germany proved to be a pivotal moment. “It was amazing to see this technology in person and to better understand electrical engineering from a very real perspective. To see the machines so close up was very impressive.”

Would he recommend Siemens Energy to others?
Fuelled with ambition and the chance to make a difference, Roberto is already excited about having the opportunity to work on future decarbonisation and green energy projects.
Most notably, combined cycle power plant projects, but also green hydrogen and wind power initiatives, too. All areas that will help drive Siemens Energy forward.
So, the question remains: Would he recommend Siemens Energy to others and what would his advice be to those joining?
“Siemens Energy really is a great place to work. I’m challenged every single day with each project I work on providing an opportunity to stretch myself further. It’s a supportive working environment that really enables you to grow and thrive. I would, definitely, recommend it to new graduates or, indeed, anyone who wants to carve out a valuable career in the energy sector and have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative technology on the market.
My advice to those joining the business would be to ask lots of questions. It sometimes takes a lot of courage to do this, but the answers will give you the knowledge you need to progress. Because it’s through that knowledge and learning that will not only help you develop further but will also ensure you become a greater value asset for your team, too.”


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