Could curiosity help you carve out a career in technical customer support?

How do you build a billion-dollar Modern Data Protection business? You need an award-winning product, industry-leading training, and a technical customer support team working together to show the world what you can do. And that’s just what we have here. At Veeam, our customer support operation is the secret to our success. But where could it take you?

Marius Nita, our Tier 2 Support Engineer, told us a bit about it. With a background in IT, his move to Veeam unlocked a new world of possibilities. “At Veeam, you have access to technology you don’t expect to work with in a normal job, which means you always stay challenged. You keep learning. You keep growing. In fact, when I first joined, I felt I knew nothing compared to my team. Thankfully though, when you start at Veeam you’re put onto a three-month training program that brings you up to speed.”

For Marius, this dedicated training program was the perfect way to transition into a more technical role, but it was also a chance to connect with other new starters. The informal relationships he built, as well as an early introduction to an experienced mentor, provided him with the network he needed to find his feet and grow quickly. “Veeam support you in every way. There’s the training, of course, but there’s also the supply of articles, material, mentorship, and the opportunity to interact with people from across the organization – from all cultures and nations, all backgrounds and levels. And that support never ends.”

And it’s no different in our largest European hub. “Here in Bucharest, we’re a small and diverse team made up of different nationalities, but we’re extremely close. We help each other, learn from each other, but we also challenge each other. We all have on-going competition to see who can close the most cases, process the most tickets, get the most positive surveys – and it pushes us, in a friendly way. It’s how we help each other to grow and develop.”

At Veeam, empowering people to progress is key to our culture. Marius tells us more. “I came here as a junior in 2017, and now I assist juniors with their training. I’ve had the opportunity to move into more specialized roles, work on more complex cases, in more complex environments, and I know there’s no limit to how far I can take my skills.”

For Marius, the future at Veeam looks bright. As he continues working hard to develop his skills, he’s getting ever closer to the next step up. Setting his sights on a Tier 3 Support Engineer role where he’ll get the chance to dive further into programming, he’s committed to building his career at Veeam and helping others do the same.

Veeamers aren’t just technical, they’re curious. That’s what sets them apart. That’s the secret to succeeding in tech support.”

If you’re curious about where a technical customer support role could take you, find out more about our Veeamazing opportunities here.


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