We are always on the lookout for employees who are both curious and who want to make an impact, Eyal Azoulay @ VERINT

Eyal Azoulay
, leads Verint’s R&D Center in Bucharest city center. Eyal shares his unique point of view as an outsider about Romania, dives in to the exciting “Cyber intelligence” domain and shares some great tips for candidates on how to shine in a virtual interview.

My Story
During the past year, I served as the Integration and Quality Assurance Director, responsible for various strategy projects and products in the Cyber Intelligence domain. I am honored to say that I have 15 years of experience in the Cyber intelligence field which includes tens of successful mega project implementations across the globe. I joined the Romanian R&D center a year and a half ago. Adapting to a new country is not easy, especially with a family, but the amazing people around me made it as smooth as possible and I thank them for that. I fell in love with Romania and a big part of that is the amazing employees we have in our R&D center. Even though we are a global company and are mostly working remotely at the moment, we still make a lot of effort to create a family atmosphere, and I am very proud of the relationships our employees have with each other.

What’s Cyber Intelligence?
Verint Cyber Intelligence is a global leader in security analytics software that empowers governments and enterprises with Actionable Intelligence for a safer world. Our open software fuses, analyzes and visualizes disparate data sets at scale to help security organizations find the needles in the haystacks. Over 1,000 government and enterprise customers in more than 100 countries rely on Verint’s solutions to accelerate security investigations and connect the dots to successfully identify, neutralize, and prevent threats to national security, business continuity and cyber security.

Traded on NASDAQ during the last decade, Verint has invested over a billion dollars in its seven global R&D divisions – and has over 1000 registered patents to protect our groundbreaking technology.

The R&D site in Bucharest develops security analytics software and offers multiple dedicated solutions, that combine to provide actionable intelligence across the security organizations challenges and users.

The local site employs about 70 experienced, technological and innovative professionals from different areas of software development.

Recruitment Plans for Verint’s R&D site in Romania
We are always on the lookout for employees who are both curious and who want to make an impact. We love extraordinary and motivated people who can stretch themselves beyond the limits of their expertise, but also care about the people they work with and our customers.

At Verint, we use all kinds of development languages, Java, C++, C# .NET, Angular, QA team and Integration team, who are all responsible to developing and delivering solutions that make a safer world. The security field is quite unusual in the region, and offers potential for technological growth in a constantly changing industry.

Covid-19 – adapting to this new normal
At the moment, about, 85% of our employees are working from home full-time, and those working from the office are doing so at their own request. The transition to working from home was very smooth and our teams have continued to be productive and engaged throughout this challenging time. We have adapted our recruitment and onboarding process to meet this challenging reality. It is not easy to join a new workplace by remote, and it is even harder to be a candidate. We have gathered some tips from our amazing recruitment team on how to shine in a virtual interview:
  1. Check the basics: Good internet connection and a respectful environment.
  2. Talk about the challenges you have encountered especially now during COVID-19, and how you overcame them.
  3. Clarify why you are changing your job, especially now.
  4. Be curious, ask questions about the company, from technology to vibes to how it is operating during the current situation.
  5. And most importantly - Be you! Show vulnerability, you can use humor, share personal details, have empathy and express your motivations".

We all look forward to a time where we can meet more in the offices and enjoy the chill-out corners where our teams get inspired with new mind-blowing solutions to shape the cyber intelligence world – and these corners are there and waiting for when we return to the office.

In the end, it’s the CURIOUS who change the world
Curiosity is really the fuel that drives us to discover what’s new. It’s a force that pushes us to become part of something bigger than ourselves.

We thrive on solving the world’s most complex and urgent challenges. We’re a group of innovators, always breaking new ground through unconventional thinking that allows us to bring fresh ideas to life. With the world changing fast, working at the intersection of security and technology has never been more exciting or fulfilling.

Curious is who we are as employees, who we seek as employers, and who we all aspire to be together.

Visit our booth at Angajatori de TOP and take a step forward in joining us.


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