Automotive is the next Big Thing, and now it’s a good time to become part of it!


If you are an IT&C professional or a junior looking for the next big thing to kick start your career, you should probably get a closeer look at the automotive industry. Driverless cars packed up with great technological innovations are the future trend. For now, connected-car vehicle prices are out of reach for most car buyers, but they are predicted to drop significantly in the next few years. At that point, the automotive industry will be booming and it will require many experienced people to face the challenges of growing market. Right now, we are in an exciting storm of innovations so better get ready for some interesting and exciting times ahead.

Wipro is now opening its first European Center of Excellence in Automotive. Placed in Romania (Bucharest & Timisoara) it will have a global impact on developing emerging technologies in the automotive industry. Mostly known in Romania for it's BPO business, Wipro has it's roots in technlogy, with 1 bilion Euro revenues generated in this area.

In automotive Wipro has over 150 Production Programs Delivered, 6 innovation labs and over 3000 engineers across the globe. It's the world's 1st Automotive SPICETM Level 5 Company and works with major OEMs and Tier-1s.

We meet with representatives from Wipro to talk about the future of automotive industry.

Why should you choose the automotive industry if you are looking for a tech career?

Automotive is one of the most rapidly growing branches of technology. There is a lot going on and the areas of development are still open and undefined. So, if you wish to take control over your career and walk unbitten tracks this is the right way to go. By joining this fast-paced environment, you will be able to expand your horizons and work on exciting projects, from their early stage.

Thought Wipro operates across many different industries, the key representatives shared with us their thoughts, on why automotive industry is a perfect one to grow your career.

"In the following 10 years, the automotive is the next big thing. It’s going to be a revolution like that of the PCs in the 90s, Internet in the early 2000s or smartphones in the past 10 years. This is going to be the hub of innovation. That is driven by software, as 90% of what is happening now in automotive comes from software. So, if you want to ride the wave of innovation, you should be in software for automotive, because that’s where the most exciting things are happening."

Catalin Stratulat joined Wipro to lead and develop Wipro’s Center of Excellence in Automotive, as Delivery Head Europe for Product Engineering Services.
Automotive industry needs more talents than market can deliver today. That is why it’s open for IT&C specialists coming from different industries, who can bring different angle and share their experience.

So, what if you don’t have any previous experience with automotive and you are not sure if you want to dedicate your career to this sector?

"In Wipro, we give people opportunity to grow and develop themselves. We make it possible to pick up new skills and explore new areas. People who will get on this sooner are gaining more control of their own learning journey."

Anita Ganti is the Senior Vice President & Global Head of Wipro’s Product Engineering Services (PES)

What type of candidates are suitable for the automotive industry?

In order to be an attractive candidate you need to have a background in computer science or electrical engineering and have knowledge about embedded software. Of course, it would be perfect if you would have any previous experience in automotive, but Wipro is open for talents no matter where they are coming from.

"We don’t expect from all our candidates to have previous experience with Artificial Intelligence or Car Connectivity. We will provide our own trainings. As long they are fast learners, smart and willing to take the challenges, they are welcome."

John Slosar is the VicePresident & Global Automotive Head of Wipro's Product Engineering Services.

Except the technical skills there is something else every candidate should have: strong entrepreneurial spirit and the drive for innovation. Those two features are essential if you want to choose a career in automotive, but what else?

"What we really need are people who have the willingness to learn, are naturally curious and have an entrepreneurial mindset. People who are ready to change and trade technologies they are working with. People who like change and fast pace environments." - Anita Ganti is the Senior Vice President & Global Head of Wipro’s Product Engineering Services (PES)

In Wipro, there is space for creativity and people who are ready to come up with leading-edge solutions. So, if you are an engineer who is hungry for new exciting projects and have a strong desire to shape the global future you should consider starting your career in automotive.

Culture and projects at Wipro's Center of Excellence in Automotive

Right now, the company is focused on developing the connected cockpit space and expanding the capabilities into the advanced driver assist functions which aim to increase car safety and general comfort of driving. The connected car is equipped with internet connections and software that allow people to stream music, be alerted of traffic and weather conditions, and even power driving-assistance services such as self-parking. Infotainment is the other important area for Wipro. Their goal is to enhance driving experience by delivering attractive technological solutions. What will be next?


"We are getting also into future areas, exploring new directions. Like working to deliver solutions for autonomous driving. This is an area we can hardly imagine how it will look like in 7-10 years. It’s very exciting to work on planning and shaping how the future car will think." - Catalin Stratulat joined Wipro to lead and develop Wipro’s Center of Excellence in Automotive, as Delivery Head Europe for Product Engineering Services.

After US, India and Mexico, the center in Romania will be the first one in Europe. What’s important it will have full autonomy and its own culture. We can already see where it’s heading:

"This culture here is unique, it has its own DNA, flavor. So far, we have encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit. People who can speak up, take control and drive the business." - Catalin Stratulat joined Wipro to lead and develop Wipro’s Center of Excellence in Automotive, as Delivery Head Europe for Product Engineering Services.

The goal of the company is to hire 500 IT&C professionals in Bucharest and Timisoara and let them develop a culture they would thrive in. There are a variety of roles waiting to be filled. Wipro invites software developers and engineers at any level of experience, who want to grow their career with them.

So, if you are ready to be a part of something new and exciting Wipro is waiting for your application!

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