Philippe Guillouet – General Manager, Hilti Romania: At Hilti, we commit to offer international experiences to people with potential

Philippe Guillouet – General Manager at Hilti Romania
told us some words about how to choose the company you want to work for and how to become a CEO if you have this ambition. Discover what benefits you can have if you apply for Talent Quest Program, at Hilti.
What recommendation would you give to a recent graduate who enters the “job market”?

When selecting the company you will work for, I recommend to do a thorough homework (that is not “just” visiting their website but talking to customers, employees…) and “dig beyond the obvious” (that is not “just” going where the hype is but assess all fields and possibilities).  From my opinion, the best company to work for is a place where:
you feel the people working there have passion for their work and could become your friends (at least some of them!),
you know that you can make an impact,
the brand is strong and transmits values that you are aligned with. 

Why choose Hilti? 

Exactly because of the points mentioned above. Do you think we exaggerate? Please find out by yourself and join this Talent Quest program. You will have the opportunity to meet quite a few Hilti members - “do these guys show passion for what they do?”, “could they be my friends?” -, work with case studies – “do I enjoy making a difference in my group of work”-, get a better understanding of why these Hilti guys wear red – “the brand, nothing but the brand”.

Apply here for Talent Quest Program at Hilti.
What recommendation would you give to a recent graduate who has the ambition to become a CEO?

I recommend to meet people who are currently CEOs. This will help understand better what this position means, especially in terms of responsibilities and duties. When this is clear and accepted, I advise the graduate to work in various fields of the business (that is sales, marketing, finance, logistic, HR) and in different countries. This will be valuable experience when, as a CEO, the person needs to consider different perspectives before making a decision.
Of course, continuous learning is a pre-requisite as the market tomorrow will be different from the one it is today. Last but not least, this future CEO needs to have a balanced personality (that is hobbies and outside-work activities are important).
The more balanced this CEO-in-the-making is, the better decisions he/she will make….and the more great people will want to join his/her venture.

International experience – as a potential incentive for your career

At Hilti, we commit to offer international experiences to people with potential. Some recent candidates of this Talent Quest Program actually benefited from such experience… and got further promoted! The name of Andrei Istrate comes now to my mind. He got selected through this Talent Quest, worked in our sales department in Romania, then moved to marketing in Milano, and is now a sales Team Leader in the Tuscany region of Italy. Iulian Amarandei had a similar evolution, except that he is now Team Leader for the engineering department in Milano. Trust Hilti to stretch your flexibility and learning capacity!
How you develop your career plan with Hilti – the cross functional mix between marketing and sales

The more diverse experiences a person has, the better it is. At least at Hilti. With this in mind, we strive to propose various challenges all along the career of our team members. We consider that a start in sales is a fantastic way to understand quickly our “playing field” (our industry, our customers…). Such a start is not only a very good learning opportunity but also an unique experience to grow ones abilities to interact, convince and negotiate. And who can deny that such abilities aren’t essential for a successful career? After an impactful experience in sales, various possibilities exist: marketing is one domain that attracts many people, and so is engineering, or logistic, or HR, or… For us, important is to know what your dreams are, what you like doing, where you see yourself grow. With 120 market organizations, for sure we will find a place where you can indeed satisfy your dreams, do what you enjoy and grow to your full potential! 

About Hilti:

World leader, present in more than 120 countries on 5 continents, 20,000 team members, direct selling company, 200,000 customer contacts per day, more than 30 innovations per year – That’s Hilti.
Discover a global group where you can develop your full potential!
We excite construction professionals with technologically-leading products, systems and services which outperform and outlast.
We create enthusiastic customers and build a better future! We do this by living our values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment. This forms the basis for Hilti unique corporate culture and is also the foundation for our long-term success; success that we combine with corporate responsibility and environmental protection. 

Our “Talent Quest Program” is designed to bring onboard - ambitious fresh university graduates who are passionate for sales, marketing and who have an entrepreneurial way of thinking. The aim is to develop future Hilti Leaders who could bring our Company to the next level.

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