Speakers’ thoughts on Dev Talks 2015 : Part 2

On the same note as last week, we’re back with more insights from our speakers. Take a moment and find out what is their message for the participants and also what’s their take on the future of software development.

1). Why did you accept our invitation?

Karl-Henrik Nilsson, IT-consultant – Software Architect / Developer at Sogeti Sverige AB : I accepted the invitation to go to Dev Talks because I care about IoT, we need to talk about it, how we build it and where we use it and we need to do it globally if it is going to become the multi billion dollar industry that we hope for.

Philipp Krenn, Tamer of technology at Ecosio : I love to talk about technology, share good and bad experiences, and meet interesting people. And I’ve never been to Bucharest before, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Bastian Hofmann, Senior Software Engineer at Research Gate : I’m always happy and excited to talk and teach about web application architecture, a topic that is very important for every web developer and that I’m very passionate about.

2). What is your message for our audience?

Karl-Henrik Nilsson : My message for my audience is that hacking hardware is easy, using existing hardware is possible – and if we put our mind to it nothing is impossible.

Philipp Krenn : I don’t know what will be working for you, but I can tell you what hasn’t been working for us and some things to watch out for. Otherwise your cloud infrastructure might be destroyed just as quickly as you could start it.

Bastian Hofmann : When a user sees and uses your web application he does not distinguish between JavaScript frontend, PHP/Ruby/Python/Java/.NET/… backends, micro-services, databases etc, he just sees one application. When thinking about the architecture of your web application you should also think about the application in total and not about small disconnected silos.

3). How will the future look for developers in 2015-2016?

Karl-Henrik Nilsson : The future for developers will be a social one, I think that in 2016 companies will have so many different solutions and combined technology that developers will need to learn new ways to work and cooperate or we will never find a path that leads to amazing software and a globaly connected world. We build the world, and I think by cooperating and learning from each other we can make it better.

Philipp Krenn : The refinement of technologies at an incredible speed. Cloud computing, Internet of things, and many other areas are shaping a future, that was unimaginable a few years ago — both for developers and the users.

Bastian Hofmann : With a growing share of mobile web traffic it will become more and more important that web applications work well on mobile devices and are as fast as possible.

P.S. Dear readers, we’ll keep the updates coming, so if you are curious to find out what’s on our speakers’ minds, keep in touch!

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