Industrie: Tehnica

Enabling better health and better care at lower cost

Who are we?

It all started when Frederik and Gerald Philips opened a small factory in Eindhoven to manufacture light bulbs. Since then we’ve grown into a leading, global health technology company with 80,000+ employees, whose ambition is to improve the lives of 3 billion people, every year, by 2025. We could never have predicted over a century ago that we’d be where we are today. But that’s the beauty of the unexpected.

Plenty of people surprise themselves when they work with us. Plenty of people surprise themselves when they work with us. Will you?

Philips mission

Improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation


Working at Philips

Are you currently a student looking for an internship experience? A recent graduate tentatively taking their first career step?  Whatever your situation, consider this -  there are very, very few other companies out there who offer what we do.

A truly international, varied and dynamic working environment. Offices and activities all over the globe. The chance to make a positive contribution to the world through innovation. Loads of learning opportunities through development programs, training and mentorship. Participation in extremely cool projects, from artificial intelligence explorations to innovations like the game-changing OneBlade shaver, Sonicare Diamond Clean smart connected toothbrush and Azurion, the new generation in image- guided therapy, or Lumify, the app-based ultrasound for compatible smart devices. Wouldn’t it be cool to work on any of those?