LET’S INSPIRE MOTION FOR LIFE - Michelin All-Season Internships


With the Michelin All-Season Internships, you can take your first step towards a career, and not just a job. The Michelin internships and traineeships offer you the flexibility you need: various domains to train in, part-time or full-time schedule, multiple sessions throughout the year, with varying durations (3 to 12 months, depending on the department).

Let’s inspire motion for life! No matter what career path you choose, an internship in Michelin can prepare you for the journey ahead.

Most of the internships and trainee roles are based in the Michelin Shared Services Center in Bucharest, Michelin Corporate & Business Services, where more than 700 colleagues deliver excellence in Purchasing, Finance, Logistics, Sales Administration, Customer Service and Personnel.


About us:



Where do success and ideas come from? We strongly believe they come from collective intelligence.

Our talents, people and employees are the source of purposeful and sustainable innovations. That’s why we care about developing and enhancing their strength, and we ensure them a tailored professional journey across units and countries.

What drives us is the spirit of unlimited innovation, which we all possess. Our goal is to cultivate and nurture that spirit, by questioning the status quo, improving our way to do things. Therefore, we are always optimistic as to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

That’s our mission as an employer: inspiring innovation in all of us, to build a better life in motion for you and for everyone.

Here are our opportunities for you:

Let’s talk, if:

  • You are a student (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree);
  • You are fluent in English and also in French, German, Italian or Spanish;
  • You are interested in developing yourself;
  • You take pride in your team spirit;
  • You have strong communication skills;
  • You are task-oriented and show initiative;
  • You bring creativity to the table, to develop new ideas and approaches;
  • You are familiar with: Word & Excel processing, E-mail, Internet.

As a Michelin intern or trainee, you will:

  • Learn about Michelin, our products and way of doing things;
  • Put that knowledge into practice, in real business scenarios;
  • Work together with our colleagues and your mentor, until you gain independence for your own projects;
  • Communicate with the other departments or clients in your preferred language: English or French, Italian, Spanish;
  • Get involved in our vibrant internal culture;
  • Find new opportunities to grow.

What we’re offering:

  • Learning opportunities that will help you develop your competencies for the future;
  • Real business challenges;
  • Attractive salary and benefits package;
  • A flexible schedule, with the possibility to work from home;
  • An experienced mentor to guide you;
  • Various programs, depending on the department (duration between 3 to 12 months).

How we recruit:

  • Once you submit your application, one of our recruiters reviews it. If your profile fits our role:
  • We have a phone call to get to know each other;
  • We hold assessments to see your language skills and competencies;
  • We meet in a face to face (or online, depending the context) interview, with a recruiter and the hiring manager.
  • Pass all stages with flying colors, and we’ll send you an offer.


“For me, an economist at the beginning of my career, the experience was very educational. During the 3 months, I took part in the activities of juniors, seniors and company leaders. Michelin is the perfect place for me; it is the best choice for my career.”
- Gabriel Zamfir, Accounting Review Team Intern at first, now General Ledger Analyst.

“By the book, I’m part of Michelin for 10 years now. A big part of this time has been invested in Sales Administration department, where I had the chance to go through several stages, starting as an Intern, then Analyst, Administrator and Coordinator on two major activities. The next milestone I’m discovering is the Business Support Expert role. In Michelin you have the chance to develop and to grow your competencies on the activity you like the most, so that you can have a successful career.”
– Costin Vadanescu, Sales Administration intern at first, now Business Support Expert.