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Vodafone is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the very best people by offering a motivating and inclusive workplace in which talent is truly recognised and rewarded. We are committed to promoting Inclusion for All with the belief that diversity plays an important role in the success of our business. We actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of our journey.
Vodafone is the right place to kick-start your career.

Discover Graduate Programme is a program through which we connect people, businesses, and communities across the globe to create the future. We earn customer loyalty, experiment, learn fast and get it done, together.
We are looking for innovation leaders, those who embrace new technologies and are continuously learning, someone who is curious about the opportunities the world can offer.

What to expect:
• a personalized programme designed to satisfy your curiosity and hunger for knowledge. You can shape it yourself! • cross - functional rotations that finally lead to placement in your area of specialism. Two years, 3 rotations so that you can explore different areas and make an informed decision about your career
• paid trainee programme & our full support all the way, because we want to fulfill your potential and career goals
• build expertise in your chosen area such as Technology, Marketing, Digital, Finance, HR or Sales
What’s in it for you:
• working for an industry leading company that spans across different countries around the world • having business exposure and accountability from day one, we’re all in!
• the opportunity to apply for our two-year international assignment – Columbus
• you get a better understanding on how does the company work and get visibility on the existing opportunities
• you explore different business perspectives: from planning, to implementation and monitoring
• you interact with specialists from various areas and learn from them
• you get to interact with our leaders and get visibility at Senior Management Level
What are we looking for:

Soft Skills
• fun and open personality
• creative, visionary and at the same time analytical and structured
• digital savvy, interested in numbers and data
• excited, energetic and even stubborn – why not? We’re looking for “outside of the box” ideas
Hard Skills
• proficient in Romanian and English
• previous experience in NGO’s, students’ associations or any other extracurricular activities
• final year or recently graduated (within two years) University (Bachelor/ Master degree)
Our selection process
We are taking into careful consideration all of the applicants. We want to make sure that our future Discovers have the will, motivation and potential to make a difference. That’s why our selection process focuses on identifying these things The good news is we’re here every step of the way, just reach out and your questions will be answered!
First step: you have to apply for this programme in order to let us know that you’re interested in Discover. Please make sure that your CV is in English.
Second step: show us your strengths by completing our online challenges:
• Abstract Reasoning Test with 24 questions. This section has a set time limit (20mins)
• Situational Judgement Test with 15 questions. This section has no time limit, so take as much time as you need to
think through your answers.
Third step: show us your true potential during our assessment centre – this is when you get to meet us, live the Vodafone life for a couple of hours and complete both a group and an individual test.

If you want to apply for Commercial Discover, click here

If you want to apply for Technical Discover click here

And voilá! You’re about to discover yourself. Ready?