Take a glance at how it felt to be the first Management Trainees in L’Oreal Romania

The Management Trainee Program is an individually-tailored program dedicated to young talent and freshly graduates.

It is designed to provide hands-on training, offering the trainees several missions to handle, in multiple rotating roles around the company.

Over the course of 10-13 months, the trainees have the chance to grow in a variety of functions around L’Oreal Romania!

Let’s meet Madalina, Adrian and Andreea, the first three management trainees who took part in the pilot edition of the program, who were kind enough to share their opinion about how their experience was.
Tell us a bit about your journey as a Management Trainee. Where did it start and where did it bring you to?

Andreea: When I started the program I was quite nervous to be part of so many teams and to participate in projects I had not much experience with. Now, I am more confident with my skills, I realized that with the right guidance and motivation, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Could you tell us about the selection process you went through?

Madalina: I would say the selection process was a learning experience in itself. It consisted in a hard skills test focused on the departments I was going to be a part of and two interviews, one with my future managers from each rotation and one with the HR Director and General Manager. I enjoyed the recruitment process as the discussions were very open from the start and every step of the way I was getting more excited and eager to join L’Oreal.

Do you have a specific moment that stands out for you?
Madalina: One of the moments that instantly come to mind is when the first project I worked on was implemented, as it brought me an immense sense of accomplishment and boosted my confidence in my own abilities and know-how.
Andreea: I had the opportunity to coordinate an event for a new make-up collection. This project helped me develop my project management skills and I had the opportunity to express my creativity and work with people from different fields. Having such an interesting project under my coordination and seeing how good it performed gave me great satisfaction.
What skills have you developed the most during this experience?
Adrian: I would say the attention to details, teamwork, social media and the most important: the entrepreneurial spirit.

Madalina: I became much more adaptable, as I had to integrate into a new team every 3 months. I became much more organized, I learned to really manage my time and to prioritize my tasks. I developed both my feedback giving and receiving skills as we had a feedback meeting at the end of each rotation.

Tips you would give to someone who wants to join the program?
Adrian: One of the greatest advantages that Management trainee program has is that you are expected to wear multiple hats, along with being able to make innovative and significant contributions without having only one development direction.

Andreea: Don’t be nervous, the people here are super friendly and the work-environment is great, you will have an amazing time!