Vodafone Group is recruiting 10 fresh graduates for Discover Programme

Some words about Vodafone Group

Vodafone Group is an industry-leading company that empowers people to shape their world. Whilst our local in-country markets deliver directly to our consumer and business customers, Vodafone Group is the corporate parent where we set global practices and manage performance. Our Group organization provides the direction, policy and common practices.

What is the structure of Discover Graduate Technology Programme?

The one year journey through the Discover programme is built to ensure graduates have an understanding of the wider business beyond one role. Each function across the programme is designed to provide the necessary training and exposure to empower you to discover the areas in which you’re at your best.

6 moths --> Explore your first placement in Vodafone. You’ll be supported by your line manager, a graduate buddy and the future talent team to develop your skills.

6 moths --> Work in a complimentary area of technology and gain professional qualifications. Make an impact, driving delivery and apply your experience to take ownership of a project in a deeper, more technical role or through programme leadership.

These stages of the programme will be in Bucharest.

You'll have the chance to work in 3 areas:

  • Technology Shared Services
  • Group Network Operations
  • Group Network Engineering & Delivery

Here are some of the skills and experiences you could gain from the rotation within the programme

  • Experience the full lifecycle of a project within Vodafone
  • Be at the forefront of new product analysis
  • Work with the business globally to define working network solutions
  • Supervise initiatives delivering multi-million euro benefits
  • Get strategic, mapping out long term technology plans for our network
  • Understanding of how Vodafone identifies opportunities for various customers
  • Develop incident management and communications skills for emergency situations
  • Strengthen analytical skills for process and performance analysis and continual improvement
  • Develop troubleshooting abilities by performing quick diagnose for network faults
  • Work with “on the edge” concepts and technologies in the telecom domain like VOLTE & Cloud
  • Acquire proper technical Core CS & Voice knowledge from 2nd line subject matter experts in order to fully sustain future development plans
  • 1st line support: monitoring, 1st level troubleshooting, technical team interactions, external supplier interactions
One of the best bits? The programme will lead to a permanent role within Vodafone Group Technology.

What is the profile they are looking for?

Vodafone Group is looking for the best and the brightest. They love to meet young talented graduates that:
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are a student or graduate from technology, engineering or mathematics faculty, or studying within one of these areas
  • Have the ability to shift from a strategic view to delivery
  • Are flexible, adaptable and able to switch gear quickly
And for you...


Find out some details about the recruitment process:
  1. Once you’ve decided our technology programme is the scheme for you, apply on line!
  2. They will review your CV, and then give you a call about the next stage of the process
  3. You will receive a link to HireVue where you can complete the online testing and video interview all from your mobile phone! Need some handy tips and tricks, please Click Here
  4. Your Digital Interview will be reviewed and if successful, you’ll receive a phone all about what’s next!
  5. Final Stage! You’ve reached the Assessment Centre! You’ll meet with Vodafone Group at one of their Bucharest Vodafone Offices and complete a Group Discussion, Individual Assessment and a 1-1 Interview!
  6. The process is complete! After the Assessment Centre, you will receive a phone call from Vodafone within 5 business days with the outcome!

So if you like the sound of the Discover Graduate Technology Programme with Vodafone Group, apply here!