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January 2014

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Internship & Trainee Guide

Employers’ Guide has been developed with the aim of helping companies to build or consolidate their employer brand among a big part of undergraduates and Master’s students with economic and technical background. It is a very efficient tool to promote your events, recruitment programs or business in the campus community. 

This guide has been prepared to promote all the major internship & trainee programs of the year 2014 and represents a great foundation for future recruiting and hiring efforts and a great way to endorse your company brand among the next generation of professionals.  

The content

This issue will accommodate all the major programs of the year 2014, such as:

  • Internship & Trainee programs
  • Graduate careers & entry level jobs
  • Competitions / Career Studies / Business Games
  • Recruitment events / Open days
  • Academies, trainings, summer schools
  • Employer branding projects

Employers’ Guide contains also a series of valuable articles covering the following topics:

  • 10 reasons to apply for an internship program.
  • Internships or trainee programs. Which is right for you?
  • 7 skills you need for an internship or a graduate program.
  • Career Fairs – how to maximize your experience?
  • The most desired internship programs in 2014
  • All about recruitment tests.
  • How to ace your application for an internship program?


Distribution method

The Internship & Trainee Guide will be published in April and distributed during April-June 2014.

It allows employers to reach over 50 000 students throughout its printed (20 000 copies) and online (30 000 copies) version.

The distribution of the Employers’ Guide covers the following university centers: Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara.

Our target

The Internship & Trainee Guide includes employer branding and recruitment programs dedicated to students and graduates from the following fields:

  • IT & Telecom
  • Financial services
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Outsourcing
  • Agribusiness
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Law

Distribution Statistics - Internship & Trainee Guide 2013

Our statistics show that 22% of those who received the publication have expressed their interest in IT &Telecom positions, while the level of interest in other areas is the following: 16% Accounting & Banking, 15% Engineering, 14% PR & Marketing,8% Management, 6% Real Estate, 5% Human Resources, 4% Sales,4% Logistics & Transportation, 6% other areas.

Here you can see the last edition of Internship & Trainee Guide.

If you want to receive a more detailed presentation and how can you advertise your company, please contact us on ghidulangajatorilor@catalyst.ro

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