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At Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara, we put accent on the well-being of our associates and the local community. Thus, we constantly tailor different events for our stakeholders.

The Corporate Social Responsibility component incorporates collaborations with a number of local NGOs, which strive to make our city better. Together with them, we organize both internal and external events, which bring a benefit to the community. For the past years, we have partnered with Little People, Copii si Zane, Asociatia COPII and others and we have created CSR events. Every year, we support the campaign Zilele Bandanei and we have internal spring and Christmas fairs during which we raise donations for children who suffer from cancer or autism.

Junior Accounting Program

If you want to start a career in finance and accounting, Junior Accounting Program @ Bosch Timisoara is the perfect program for you. Experience is not necessary, because our trainers will teach you everything from scratch, during for approximately 3 months. 
We are planning to start 2 more sessions for this year, so if you know French, Czech, Hungarian, German, Turkish or Portuguese, hurry up and apply. The spots are limited.

Bosch Partner in Education

Since its founding, Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara has been one of the main partners of the West University of Timisoara. Furthermore, we are also collaborating with a number of NGOs, which are part of the West University of Timisoara. One valuable example is the fact that we are one of the founding members of Minds Hub, the first educational hub in Romania. Besides this, we have organized and participated in diverse soft skills and hard skills trainings for university students such as Ice-Cream with Bosch; Excel for beginners; Work smarter, not harder; All Aboard the Bosch Ship, Youth Elite and many more.


Corporate Social Responsibility – Childhood Games

If the first day of June is Children’s Day, we decided to also dedicate the last day of the month to kids. During June 30th, approximately 1,000 people from Timisoara relived their childhood days with the help of a bunch of fun games such as hopscotch, dodgeball, jump rope, Chinese whispers and some more.
With the help of Asociatia COPII, we managed to raise a number of 500 toys and 150 books for unfortunate children from the rural area.


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