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Meet our graduates from the Junior Accounting Program:

"It sometimes happens that you wish to become the master of your own world and when you get there, you start building your life as you please.

Emre Karabulut is one of the lucky ones who had the chance to do such a thing. He came to Romania guided by his dreams and with the purpose to shape the future with his own hands. Born and raised in Istanbul, Bosch Service Solutions was his motivation in relocating. Here he found people as passionate as him and he started his new life, even though some aspects were similar.

His road in Bosch started slowly but surely. From a call center agent, in 5 years he changed his path and practiced Purchasing and Finance.

A graduate of the first edition of Junior Accounting Program, Emre improved his ability to juggle with numbers, thus adding another piece in his career. According to him, “In 10 years I will still be at Bosch, where there is a great connection between employer and employees”. Today, Emre is a member of the Bosch family who showed all of us that it does not matter what your dream is, as long as you find the proper way to achieve it."

Emre Karabulut

"Life is like a pair of scales, it balances depending on your choices and your way of living. For Olivera Petcov, accountant at Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara, “Work-life balance is represented by who you are and your adaptability regarding the work environment.”

During her life adventure, she joined Bosch where she feels like home and where her authenticity is encouraged. Like most of us, Olivera started her career with small steps and big dreams, when she was just graduating university. Her Bosch story began with a project take-over in Italy, a big challenge for a new employee.
Her passion for music was not an impediment, but an opportunity to develop, this becoming her second job. The challenge at that point in time was the move to another department, General Ledger. Even though she had contact with the international environment before, this experience was different; it was like a welcome to the Bosch family.
Even though it may seem that she leads a busy life with both accounting and music, Olivera always manages to balance these two sides. “Coming to work after a weekend spent performing and on the road is relaxing to me.

Being present in the Bosch family for approximately one year, Olivera dared to offer herself the chance of a new beginning, one that took her exactly where she wanted to be and that pushed her to overcome her limits."

Olivera Petcov

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