Discover yourself & Vodafone!

If you have recently graduated or you are preparing for this moment, you are probably thinking about how will your career look like, what is the most suitable job for you and how can you best prepare to land your dream job.

Group Technology Discover programme is a one-year programme helping you explore different opportunities within the technology field and working with key technologies of the future in both Network & IT, while preparing a strategic career plan.

About the programme

You fulfill 2 placements of 6 months each within different technical areas, in order to acquire a broader business understanding and to explore various opportunities and IT&C technologies.

Profile & Next steps

Are you a recent graduate, 3rd & 4th year student with good academic performance and determined to pursue a career within the IT&C field?


Excellent work environment, full of people willing to develop and to help you develop as well and access to online learning platforms, training sessions and workshops.


Discover the experience of Ionut, Laura and Andreea.